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Mt Kailas
Mt Kailas --- Photo: Albert Falzon

3. The Call to Silence and its Significance

A single minute in Silence can recalibrate, resurrect and rejuvenate
the course of evolutionary destiny.

The Solstice Silent Minute in 2019 invites us to participate in a single global minute of Silence that empowers citizens everywhere to make a difference, by recognizing the true power we hold and wield through our united heart and mind in Silence.
Join us in a moment of Silence on 21 December 2019 at 9.00pm GMT/UTC.

We’ve all had defining moments when the clarity of task/mission/purpose strikes us and rings through every cell of our being. And in that moment of clarity, although the magnitude of the task may seem impossible, we know that we will draw on the reservoir of energy within, and through us, to magnetise the support needed to see the task/mission/purpose through – even if it takes years, decades or lifetimes.

Such was the case for Wellesley Tudor Pole who made a promise in World War 1 on a battlefield near Jerusalem, a promise which subsequently took nearly three decades to fulfil in the form of the Silent Minute in World War II.

Nearly 8 decades later, inspired by this initiative to unite hearts across distance and across the ultimate separation of the veil of death, a triangle of groups is drawing on this legacy to hold a minute of global silence at the beginning of the seven-year cycle for the Festival Week for the New Group of World Servers, commencing 21 December 2019 at 9.00pm GMT/UTC.

These three years stand out as highlights across a century and weave the thread of an experiment in Silence from 1917 to 2019.


A promise was given to provide opportunity in the Second World War for cooperation between the visible and invisible worlds.

On the eve of battle, Wellesley Tudor Pole’s prophetic comrade had a vision that he would not survive WW1 and could see a greater war coming in the future. He urged his friend to provide an opportunity for him and the millions like him to assist from the other side of the veil. He said: “Lend us a moment… each day and through your Silence give us an opportunity.  The power of Silence is greater than you know.”  He was killed in battle the next day.

In his book, The Silent Road, Wellesley Tudor Pole recorded in that same year the essence of what he heard in the Silence from the voices on the other side of the veil. What follows is a very abbreviated summary:

“We are of every race, our message is for every race, we know no barriers of colour, creed or sex. … We fight together…that wars will end forever. We inspire many who may not know of our presence. We stand behind kings, councils, in marketplaces, priests, ministers, soldiers. We fight across the veil, the long night through. We know that peace comes to those who are at peace within.  Such inner peace is worth a 1000 victories on the outer battlefields of life”. (adapted, The Silent Road, 142)



The Silent Minute was the solution devised by Wellesley Tudor Pole to fulfil his promise to his comrade, 23 years earlier. 

The Silent Minute was launched during the blitzkrieg on London. Citizens of the Commonwealth of nations and territories were invited to unite in thought – irrespective of philosophy or religion – in a daily moment of Silence for Freedom and Peace.  This focus on a specific point in time was to act as a rallying point within the Commonwealth as well as provide a daily portal for cooperation with an “unseen but mighty army” in the invisible or subtle realms.

Every night on BBC radio, at one minute before the hour, the bells of Big Ben signalled the Silent Minute to begin at 9 pm. Wellesley Tudor Pole knew that if enough people joined in this gesture of dedicated intent, the tide would turn and the invasion of England would be diverted. Indeed, its success in bringing peace was acknowledged by a high ranking German officer who, after the war, described the “Silent Minute” as a secret weapon for which the Germans could find no countermeasure.

Beyond the capabilities of the military during the Second World War, the Silent Minute, in a simple and practical way, united and harnessed the power of thought of all people, within and behind the Commonwealth, to influence and impact the outcome of the war.



As multiple tensions manifest into global crises throughout the world, the call has gone out for a shared global minute of Silence  

Since the birth of the Silent Minute initiative in 1940, countless servers and serving groups throughout the visible world and behind the veil in the subtle realms – have been, and are, actively cooperating through Silence to create a better world for all.

What’s significant about this third stage is that the “battlefields” are no longer just between nations or clusters of nations, nor are geographically fought on land, air and sea. The “battlefields” are more pervasive, extensive and subtle. Indeed, they also reside within us. Hence, the challenge for all of us is to participate in our shared responsibility as global citizens to find the peace that is not an opposite to war but to discover the peace within us that dissolves the obstacles to our holistic embrace of the livingness of the Oneness of Life.

Hence, the Solstice Silent Minute initiative on 21 December at 9.00pm GMT/UTC offers the opportunity for citizens everywhere on both sides of the veil to cooperate in the same minute of Silence to generate a reservoir of united global thought that will inspire and fuel cooperative endeavours to create a better world for all.


7 thoughts on Silence*

1. Silence and Sound

Silence is not the absence of Sound but rather arises from an intermingling of all the sounds. Silence is not a void; rather it saturates space with the synthesis of thought. The Great Silence is like the roaring of the ocean and the quietude of an empty house.

2. The beauty of cosmos is manifested in Silence, the true language of the heart

Cosmos in silence makes manifest the language of the heart, and the Cosmic Voice may become audible. The beauty of Cosmos is manifested in silence. The beauty of silence is expressed in all the higher manifestations of life. Silence, as the language of the heart, transcends the multiplicity of planetary “tongues”.

3. Voice of Silence in each human being is the voice of the Soul

It may be the still small voice or a resounding chord. It speaks through our presence and radiates from our being. It is the true subtext of the language of the heart that we speak wordlessly.  The heart, intensified by silence and full of energy like an electric generator, beats out the rhythm of the Universe.

4. The power of Silence

We are told that the “unuttered word” or thought is more powerful than that which is spoken. It is transmitted through our presence. The language of the heart speaks through the language of silence.

A short period of silence allows for the accumulation of energy. Even two concordant thoughts meeting in Silence increase their power seven times as they are reinforced by magnetism and harmonized by rhythm.

Uniting in Silence creates a stronghold. An intense silence constitutes a fiery barrier that, when reinforced by the number of those who are uniting, becomes a genuine stronghold.

5. Beginnings and Thought transmission through the ray of Silence

On the verge of events there is often silence. The transmission of thought is also a manifestation of Silence. Before the consummation of the thought manifestation, a ray of Silence is sent into the heart, invisibly and imperceptibly. Once it penetrates and is assimilated it will manifest the same joy experienced by its sender. In the most sacred Mysteries, these rays were called “Agni Invisibilae” or invisible rays of Fire.

6. An alignment in Silence through the imagery of the Bell

At the centre of cosmic foundation resides the Bell; Mount Kailas, the earthly counterpart to etheric Mount Meru, is known as the planetary Mountain of the Bell; and there is a centre in each and every human being which is called the bell. Like a resonator, it gathers the symphony of the world, and transforms the deepest silence into a thundering chord.

7. Rejuvenation through Silence

Invocation and evocation enable us to realize eternity. And, instead of hours in aspirational meditation, this can be done with lightning speed – in a moment. Then instantaneously, without words, humans place themselves in continuity with the whole chain into the Infinite. If we resolve to unite with the Infinite, we can inhale emanations of the ether, as it were, and thereby establish the best circuit for the current. Thus, in silence, without wasting time, we can receive a stream of refreshment.

In summary, the Solstice Silent Minute in 2019 invites us to participate in a single global minute of Silence that empowers citizens everywhere to make a difference…by recognizing the true power we hold and wield through our united heart and mind in Silence.

A single minute in Silence can recalibrate, resurrect and rejuvenate the course of evolutionary destiny.

  • Join us in a moment of Silence on 21 December 2019 at 9.00pm GMT/UTC.

Tune in daily to prepare!

You’re invited to link with us daily at 9.00pm GMT/UTC in preparation for the Solstice Silent Minute 2019.  Currently, times in Australia are:-

  • For WA that is 5.00am
  • For NT that is 6.30am
  • For QLD that is 7:00am
  • For SA that is 7.30am
  • For NSW, TAS and VIC that is 8.00am

More information:

Refer to Solstice Silent Minute Resources


*These seven thoughts on Silence have been inspired by, modified and woven together from slocas in the Agni Yoga teachings. See  Specific slocas include: Heart 68 & 185, The Call, 314, Infinity I, 80, 81 & 110,  Agni Yoga 535, Leaves of Morya’s Garden I (Book 1: The Call), 134, Leaves of Morya’s Garden II (Book 2: Illumination) 155, 264 and 307, Letters of Helena Roerich 1, 12 April 1935 and Fiery World I, 354.


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