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4. The Power of Silence as Action

In the Agni Yoga teachings, Master Morya speaks of the significance of gathering together in silence which creates the conditions to give birth to something significant. This concentrated silence, He says, gathers “a special energy” – potentially more powerful than the even loudest words. This concentrated silence is silence as action.  It recognises the power of radiation which transmits energy through thought before it precipitates and is formulated into speech and action.

The call to silence as action is a call to Humanity to re-calibrate its identity within the chain of infinite Being. Humanity’s responsibility extends beyond its stewardship for planet Earth to its citizenship within the Cosmos. The recognition of Humanity’s destiny within the Cosmos will assist to restore our equilibrium. It is said that the beauty of Cosmos is manifested in silence.

Daily Seed Thoughts

In the lead up to the Festival Week, 21-28 December 2019, we have compiled daily seed thoughts on Silence (Download Daily Seed Thoughts as PDF) to deepen our collective appreciation of the power of silence as action as we build a subjective Chalice for reception, absorption and distribution of incoming energies.

The Global Silent Minute – on 21 December 2019 at 9.00pm GMT/UTC – falls on the first day of Festival Week. Citizens everywhere around the globe and on both sides of the veil will unite in Silence on behalf of the common good. Let us recognise this opportunity as one of action.

The word “silent” is an anagram for “listen”.  That the two words are formed from the same letters is profoundly significant as they energetically “live” together, so to speak.  They share an underlying synthesis of component parts that are sequenced differently.  In silence we listen and, in listening, we hear the sound of Silence.

A story to begin:

A well-known Rishi sat in silence, his expression one of striving.

He was asked what it was that absorbed him so. The Rishi answered, “At this moment I am building a temple.”

“And where is this temple that you are building?”

“Twenty days’ march from here; the builders are in great need of help.”

“So even in your inactivity you build?”

The Rishi smiled, “Is action only by the hands and feet?”  Agni Yoga, 489.

In the lead up to, and including Festival Week 2019, many of the New Group of World Servers will participate in diverse forms of action. We invite our readers to join is in a dedicated focus on Silence using the daily seed thoughts commencing 21 November 2019 (Download Daily Seed Thoughts as PDF). The purpose of this compilation of seed thoughts is to encourage reflection on, and participation in, the powerful action of Silence.

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