Tuesday , 5 December 2023
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A heart that sees

Truth, Wisdom and A Heart That Sees, Do Transcend The Five Senses

1 ½ minute video with accompanying quotes from the Koran:

_ Quran [022:46] : “Have they not traveled in the land, and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear ?. For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind.”

_ Quran [007:179] : “…They have minds with which they do not understand, eyes with which they do not see, and ears with which they do not hear. They are like animals; No, they are far worse – they are the heedless ones.”

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Hi, I'm one of a group of authors and editors for the Sydney Goodwill website.

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