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Archangel Michael’s Festival of Michaelmas

Celebrated 29 September every year, always


If we were to design a “Who am I” question to an esoteric quiz for which the answer was “Archangel Michael”, it might look something like this:

Who am I?

  • I am known for my silence. I express through the power and direction of my gaze.
  • I see the light and, in fact, have been called the Prince of Light.
  • I seek the universally human in people of all cultures.
  • I reside in the super-sensible or supermundane world – a higher world – one in which spiritual light pervades.  My realm is invisible to the senses.
  • My thinking reflects cosmic intelligence. Forget Artificial Intelligence (AI), rather expand to Cosmic Intelligence (CI).
  • My thinking is beyond words. It is real inner experience of spirit – a living experience – I do not think in language, instead I feel thought as it streams through me. It’s like painting or drawing rather than speaking or writing.
  • I’m connected with the energetic flow through the cosmos of iron that showers through meteors and renews the blood of life coursing through the veins of the planet and the veins of every human being.  This literally causes human beings to emit light and glow when seen from cosmos. These meteoric showers take form from the power that streams from my heart and they are welded together to forge the qualities of my sword.
  • My thinking radiates through me – including my sword.  It is the Sword of Truth.
  • In addition to holding the Sword, I am often depicted holding the Scales of Justice and bearing a blue flame.  It’s no accident that my festival day is in Libra – the energy that assists to bring true balance and equilibrium through the agency of Truth.
  • I am intrinsically faithful to cosmic law and particularly sensitive to the truth of art and the art of truth.

  • I’m less concerned with impulses and causes and more interested in the consequences of all that humanity creates out of the spirit.
  • I am a true spiritual hero of freedom. I leave human beings totally free to act, then I take the results of their deeds and carry them on and out into the cosmos, to continue in the cosmos what human beings themselves cannot achieve. Hence, I facilitate the cosmic circular economy.
  • Standing in the One universal Heart, I reject all knowledge which lays emphasis on divisive elements of inherited or conditioned characteristics including human languages, nationalism and culture.
  • The energetic lines that run like veins all over this beautiful planet are magnetised and amplified by the iron streaming through the Universe, through Me, through the meteorites that invigorate and strengthen the vibration in these vital leylines that pump, transmit and radiate energy throughout the planet.
  • Magnetic centres in My Name attract pilgrims in search of the Light.
  • I bring a conscious quality of inner judgement, resolve and decisive action that flows from the chambers of the heart.
  • I radiate the energy of the sun.
  • Did I mention I have wings?


I am the forerunner for the New Era and the Reappearance of the Coming One.

My most recent Age – the Age of Michael – began in 1879. Prior to then human beings were only able to meet Me in their dreams.  Now they can now rise to meet Me in Spirit in a fully conscious way.

My Age is characterized by many different conditions, but especially by the fact that the most spiritual interests of humanity are emerging predominant. Cosmopolitan international character will permeate the world.  National divisions and distinctions will cease to be important.

In My Age, Humanity is learning to think – not in words but in real thoughts.

In My Age, Humanity is learning to go beyond words – through them – to real inner experience of Spirit.  Precisely when you no longer think in language you begin to feel thought. You will develop a new kind of thinking that is alive – not abstract.  Rather you enter into this thinking and it enters you.  You will begin to have it streaming – in you and out of you – as an element of feeling.  Thus, you come in touch with the real dynamics and mechanics of the heart.


I have a festival day – every year on 29 September.

It is a day for resurrection of the Spirit of humanity.

It is a day for renewal of the Spirit of humanity – wholly and inwardly – of and through the Heart.

It is a day for humanity’s inner remembrance – of the power of Michaelic thinking that radiates from the Heart through the Sword of Truth.

It is a day to recognise Oneness – beyond any divisions.

It is a day to enter the Silence – beyond words.

In the spirit of the above, we are holding a three-pronged focus to celebrate Michaelmas on 29 September:

1. A subjective vigil for the 24 hours that can be observed in Silence wherever you are on the planet according to your local calendar.

2. A subjective Global Silent Minute at 9 PM GMT.

The theme for the Global Silent Minute in 2023 is Re-Orient to the Compass of Truth.

Already observed daily at 9 PM GMT around the world and across the globe, in the Global Silent Minute this day we will be especially mindful of Archangel Michael alive in our hearts, wielding the beautiful, awesome Sword of Truth.

Times for the Global Silent Minute:

28 September:
New York: 5:00 PM EDT
London:  9:00 PM GMT/UTC
Geneva: 11:00 PM CEST

29 September:
Darjeeling: 2:30 AM IST
Tokyo: 6:00 AM JST
Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne/Hobart: 7:00 AM AEST

Link to time and date converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html for your date/time in your locality.

3. Sydney Goodwill’s Solar Festival in Libra also falls on the Michaelmas Festival and hence we will hold this significant festival in our group meditation.

Friday, 29 September 7:30 PM AEST.

Please note the exact time of the Full Moon is 7:57 PM.



The article is inspired by thoughts expressed by Rudolf Steiner in

The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours (1994) Anthroposophical Press and

Michaelmas: An Introductory Reader (2007) Sophia Books

First Image: Claudio Coello – Saint Michael the Archangel – Google Art Project from Wikimedia Commons
Second Image: Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, from C2RMF retouched from Wikimedia Commons
Third Image: Archangel Michael on Pixabay
Graphic Design: Wendy J Thompson

About Wendy J. Thompson

Wendy J Thompson is a Creative Practitioner in the Screen Arts, Educator, Playwright and co-Founder of the Global Silent Minute who strives to create work imbued with purpose to touch the heart with radiant synthetic beauty.


  1. These were beautiful words invoking
    the wise and joyful Spirit of Archangel
    Michael,nearing his Feast Day.

  2. Thank you everyone for a superb news letter.

    The amazing MichealMas and “Who am I”
    A journey/ discovery invitation into subtle dimensions beyond thought re energy direction with this comic Being.
    The magical “Two Worlds” poem
    Everything is inspired, so beautiful and immediate
    in relationship to the critical events challenging humanity.

    Gratitude Judy, extraordinary treasures throughout
    Love Rob

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