Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Bird Song Opera

3.5-minute video. ShakeUp Music recomposed The Magic Flute Papageno/Papagena Duet into a colourful Mozart bird aria. Listen to an audiovisual Twitterstorm performed by our feathered fellows.

Aum 36

“You have heard the prayer of the birds—the little brothers know how to welcome the light. They summon their most rapturous expression before the grandeur of light. Plants reach out toward the light. Only people dream about their stomachs when their spirits should be filled with the grandeur of the Highest. Thus they commit a sacrilege similar to suicide. Noblest hymns have been written, but people recite them without heart tremor, like the clatter of broken crockery.

It is time to turn back to the basic principles, so that even the example of the lesser brothers may call man back to the higher path.”Aum 36

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  1. Fantastic. Wonderful. I hope some of our birds have survived the bushfires.

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