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Breaking Through to a New World

…there is a new ‘normal’ still forming in the human heart and mind

Despite the constant broadcast of analysis and reflection about the pandemic, we are still in process of realising the full significance of this ongoing event and its unfolding impact on all aspects of our civilisation. Plans to ‘get back to normal’ are being put forward by administrations that have been based on how things have been until now. But there is a new ‘normal’ still forming in the human heart and mind and it may be largely unrecognised…as yet.

While the old ‘normal’ may be expected by those less affected by the world situation, many others know their lives will never be the same again. They may have lost loved ones or have suffered their own near death, or they may have lost their business or livelihood. Millions are experiencing upheaval bringing about a realignment with a new reality and a new way of being in the world. Pre-virus goals and ambitions for material success are being replaced with the very real and immediate urgency of living. And many are beginning to share their growing realisation of what is deeply and essentially meaningful about who we are and what brings value to our presence in the world.

…previous values and ways of living are losing their hold

Over 2,000 years ago Jesus replied to Pilate saying: “My kingdom is not of this world.” [John 18:36] And yet, like many great Teachers before him, he embodied the potential within us of a new identity with new values and a new way of living which can reflect the higher kingdom of Life into the world. Now, with the growing recognition that previous values and ways of living are losing their hold on our sense of who we are, increasing numbers of us are entering that kingdom ‘not of this world’ – and we are finding entrance through the heart. We are realising that a greater kingdom and a greater Life can live through us and bring a new understanding of our relationship with one another and our world, one which values the good of the whole so that all may be sustained.

While there are yet those who are desperately trying to retain their personal material power by clinging to old modes and practices, creative new initiatives are emerging through awakening human hearts moving to serve wherever there is need. As the old tide withdraws and sucks away the detritus of a passing age, a new wave is steadily forming to bring the water of Life to human hearts thirsting for truth, beauty, goodness and a sense of purposeful presence sustained within the greater whole of our planetary Being.

What is Life carrying us towards?

Through plagues, natural disasters and catastrophes arising from exploitation, Nature continually reminds us of the power of the Mother of the World as she guides us towards our true relationship with her. How we have desecrated her bounty and beauty! And how relatively mild is her chastisement as she constantly renews. We may be suffering a global crisis but the air we breathe is cleaner and healthier. In this pause of exploitative industry we are experiencing the possibility of a new way of living in this beautiful world we have been given, a Garden of Eden, the womb of the Mother of the World. What world will we be born into when we leave that womb? What is Life carrying us towards?

As the world crisis plays out we have time to reflect, realise, expand understanding and become accustomed to a new pattern of living more in tune with the greater Life in which we live, move and have our being. The Tibetan Master explains:

Every step of the way … must involve a conscious recognition of a series of expansions. …They might be called “stabilising points of crisis,” in which the “occasional becomes the constant and the intended becomes the intentional.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II, page 247

The great Life of which we are an active part pervades everything. Its currents course throughout the manifest world and are accepted by us as unavoidable. We are told that life and movement are synonymous and that we live in constant cyclic movement. Quantum physics reveals how subatomic particles appear and disappear in this cyclic process, and in our common sayings such as the “daily round” of living or a “circle of friends” we unconsciously acknowledge our part in this circulatory flow.

…the great powers … guide us through the spiral of progress towards the divine goal of a fully sacred planet.

The simplest and most ordinary daily activity can reveal the mighty currents of Life. From stirring to mix the contents of a cooking pot, to the swirling weather patterns moving around the globe between warm and cool areas, or diasporas of people moving from crisis to safety, the great synthesising process of Life proceeds in circular motion. The cyclic movement, created by the polarising forces of Life, brings us into an at-one-ment, an essential synthesis, and the great powers of Spirit and Matter, Father and Mother, guide us through the spiral of progress towards the divine goal of a fully sacred planet. In The Journey Continues, Merle Stubbs explains:

We are all expressions of the one Life at varying stages of realisation or ‘unrealisation’. It is the most freeing experience one can ever possibly imagine – whenever we enter into anything we break through into a new area of consciousness. We break through into a far vaster dimension than our first touch with it. Having grasped a principle, understanding how it operates, we can employ it, set it in motion . . .

We stand at a challenging and opportune stage, because of the direct impact of Shamballa energy made upon human consciousness in the year 2000 and because of the recognition that identification, the monadic, the will aspect, the first aspect of Deity, is making its presence felt. It is seen emerging through group statement and if you are a worker then it is a matter of conscious choice. We elect to move with it and break through or stay where we are which has never been so uncomfortable as it now is. If people but understood, it is far more uncomfortable to stay back than it is to break through. These are always the illusions.

When we break through we break through into such a greater sense of freedom we wonder why we ever held back. It does, however, bring its own responsibilities. It does not allow anyone to be indifferent, lazy or inactive. What is indifference, laziness or inaction anymore? We are living. This is life. Life and motion are synonymous terms. How can we be static anywhere? How can we arrest our movement forward? It is unthinkable. How can we choose to stay in a confined space when Life beckons? This is where it is.” – Merle Stubbs, The Journey Continues

While we may all have different ways of going about it, we are all living Life into expression. And each contributes to the whole movement in some measure. Even when another’s view goes against our own, the resulting friction can serve to sharpen clarity and inspires progress just as the great polar forces of Spirit and Matter enable Life to progress. From a vaster and more objective viewpoint we can see the greater Life moving into recognition, realisation and expression.

Purify your eyes, and see the pure world. Your life will fill with radiant forms. ~Rumi

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