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inner temple

Building your inner temple

Drawing on an elephant’s strength

I was once in a situation where I needed to help someone move a heavy bookcase, but I was feeling physically exhausted at the time, and felt I lacked sufficient strength.  So I cast my mind about, wondering what kind of strength I needed to muster, and the thought came to mind of the great strength an elephant must have to move heavy objects. I visualised that strength of an elephant, and imagined drawing on it within myself.  Suddenly, my muscles drew strength and I was able to lift the heavy object.  The visualisation worked in a very practical way!

It is possible to utilise resources within yourself to overcome negativity and the mundane through a process of spiritualisation.  All obstacles can be overcome in this way or in similar ways.

The concept of creating a temple or holy ground is not necessarily restricted to physical space.  The temple can be created WITHIN, and every action can be consecrated in keeping with the holy space within that you have created.  So at no time are you away from the temple.  Every action needs to be conducted accordingly.

The consecration of every action through creative imagination and visualisation in harmony with the temple will bring about the release from the bonds of matter or the mundane.

This is not always going to be easy.  It is not always going to be successful.  It is necessary to see it as a learning process, a transformation process and a progressive process. So by putting this into action you will inevitably come across difficulties; you will inevitably fail from time to time to reach the desired standard or objective, but this should not be cause for reaction in a negative way; it should simply be observed, learned from, adjustments made and effort made to put into action the ideal the next time around, knowing that you will inevitably succeed.  The most likely difficulties are those created by the disturbances of others.  These should not be resented.  They should be observed, understood with compassion for their difficult state of being, and ways found to lighten, uplift and transform the situation through your awareness, your higher faculties and your spiritual gifts.

Drawing upon the energies of the Masters

The effect of the temple within combined with the temple created in your living space is a potent creative action which will create a vortex of positive energy which will overcome negativity through its potency and spiritual vibration, overcoming all obstacles that lay in your path no matter how difficult they may appear. In these tasks you can draw upon the energies of the Masters Who have had to do this at an earlier time in Their evolution.

You can also draw upon the combined energy of disciples and adepts who have achieved this and overcome.  There is a pool of energy upon which you can draw. The energy is such that it can easily be accessed through establishing a harmonic vibration within yourself and within your living space.  By establishing the vibration to the highest extent that you are capable of at this point in time, maintaining that vibration and re-establishing that vibration after the inevitable stumbles and difficulties (which will become lesser the more strongly you establish your vibration of sacred space both within and without), then you will be lifted to encompass the harmonic of the like vibration established by Those who have passed before and achieved a higher level of evolution. The energy at that level is unstoppable. The combined energies of the Great White Brotherhood are with you and They know the difficulties of this path and They make Their achievements available to you through the resonant energies they have established.

It is inevitable that you will overcome in due course.  No effort toward the light, no effort toward the good is ever wasted.  Every effort is accumulated and the difficulties that are inherent on the path can be overcome quickly though perhaps more painfully or may take many lifetimes.  To a certain extent, it is your choice. To a certain extent it is perhaps determined by your own capacity to apply the will, face the difficulties not bury them, and transform the tendencies of the personality which can subvert the efforts of your higher Self expressed through the lower self. But the inevitable outcome is towards the light, towards the love inherent in this system. There is no failure in the long run, just simply procrastination or the delaying of the inevitable through dropping back.  So it is literally up to you as to how much you wish to tackle in this lifetime.  So simply know that you will succeed regardless of how things appear.

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