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Cancer full moon 2014 – our sense of belonging

The constellation of Cancer is a mysterious sign. It is in the water element and is represented by the crab. The crab is dual in nature, being able to both live in water and on land. So in essence the crab has the ability to link both worlds of land and sea, physical and emotional. This is perhaps one of its gifts, the ability to have a base, a home, a physical centre, yet be fluid enough for change, for sensitivity, for the tides of life.

Issues of home and security
The keynote for Cancer is “I build a lighted house and there in dwell”. Expect issues of home and security to be alive and well at this time, heightened before and after the full moon, as we all seek a home that is an expression of the light that we are.

In Australia, do we need to look any further then our current struggle with our sense of home and security? The recent return of Sri Lankan asylum seekers seeking a new home in Australia has created worldwide comment and condemnation. Locally Australians are very much being asked to identify with their own sense of belonging, what does it mean to belong to an area considered to be home, who else shares this home and how do we welcome them.

We are asked to review old currents of thought
As we move into a new world of spiritual values and the removal of outdated ones, we are asked to review old currents of thought that once were uniting, but our now perhaps limiting in a world where everything’s being redefined. The Sun’s movement through Cancer will highlight this and the full moon will intensify it.

This is further strengthened with the current grand cross involving Pluto and Uranus – the bringers of change and transformation, Mars the doer and this time involving the Sun and the moon itself. For about a week the Sun will be adding to the interesting aspect we have had on and off over the last few months, but again without Jupiter.

A sense of personal identification and emotion

Expect that you will have the fire, will and the means to make changes if required.

Having the Sun and moon involved in this aspect really does bring a sense of personal identification and emotion with this transit. We will most certainly feel involved, not just have a running view on world events. The Sun will ask us what exactly do we identify with, what are our thoughts with these new changes, how do we as humans identify ourselves in our immediate environment and how do we fit in. With Vulcan next to it and Mars involved, expect that you will have the fire, will and the means to make changes if required. The moon will ask, how do we feel about current events, our views on them and where we belong in it.

Expect this to be more personal and challenging.

All of this sounds great, but remember grand crosses come about to assist and propel major changes, most changes don’t come without difficulty. With the Sun and the moon there, expect this to be more personal and thence more challenging.

Gifts to assist us
To ease the strain, though, the cosmic architect has given gifts to assist us:-

  • The Sun is involved with a beautiful grand trine with Saturn and Chiron. This alone aids us with a strong sense of responsibility and the energy and healing to allow for things to be done.
  • Saturn will give us the sense of discipline needed when we are challenged and might want to shy away.
  • Chiron will provide another opportunity to learn more about ourselves and heal past wounds. This is especially significant as it is sitting right on the ascendant.

Oceans and the world of spirit
Pisces rules this chart as the ascendant, another reason that perhaps oceans and the world of spirit will be highlighted. This continues the recent trend at full moons of a water element sign being the ascendant. Intuition, the realms of spirit, dreams, sensitivity and creation are all highlighted with the water element. In Pisces, we are asked to see the bigger picture, the world and beyond.

Expect some power packed transformations for the world

With Pisces as the ascendant, there is a real sense of healing and spirit with this chart. It is warming just thinking about it and nice to know. Knowing our emotions and sense of self and how we identify with the world, could well be challenged. And as Pluto is the esoteric ruler of Pisces, its involvement in the grand cross and the conjunction with the moon at the time of the full moon, expect some power packed transformations for the world to be happening.

Jupiter’s wisdom
With another element of the chart which looks like an amazing coincidence but is perhaps accurate planning, Jupiter is in its last few days of being in Cancer. How could it be that after a year spent in Cancer, Jupiter leaves just after the time of the full moon in that very sign? It won’t be back in Cancer for another 11 years, so we could do well to extract the last remnants of its wisdom relating to issues of nurturing, security, children and our spiritual home. It then spends a year in Leo, which I think we will all appreciate as Leo will bring a sense of fun and creative expression to the wisdom and knowledge gleaned, allowing a fuller expression.

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.


  1. Greetings dear friends and coworkers in the One Life and unity of rhythm which has emerged over many years.
    It is a great joy to link with you in the Solar Fire Work and to to be nourished by this exquisite ‘building of a Lighted House’ Website. Thanks so much.
    From us at the Triangle Centre

    • Dear Lani,
      What a joy to hear from you and touch outwardly in parallel with the deep inner connection of our groups. It was a joy to see Ralph here recently and to receive the generous donation from the Triangles Centre which he brought. Blessings and love to you all as we come together in the coming Full Moon meditation.

  2. Super Full Moon
    Thanks to David for alerting us to the fact that we are going to have a “super full moon” on Sunday, when the moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual. See Redland City Bulletin article on Moon’s going to be super.

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