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Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon 2017

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Sunday 9th July 2:07 pm AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia)

This year the change over from Gemini energy to Cancer, coming from the Sun’s movement from the view of the Earth, came on the 21st of June. This came on either the winter or summer solstice, depending on which hemisphere you live in. Here in Australia and the southern hemisphere, we experienced it on our winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

From a seasonal point of view, this begins the season of winter, where the Sun has its least amount of impact in relation to its light and as such, we experience the colder months. Winter is a time of reflection, of going within, of storing up energy, and begins a process of slowing down. This is of course necessary as older things die off and can be born again in the fresh energy of spring.

In many ways, this suits the energy of Cancer perfectly. Cancer is generally accepted to be a more feminine energy, one closely related to the home and the family. Nurturing, caring, looking after the nest, are all attributes associated with Cancer. It is very much linked to the mother energy, with the mother caring for her children and family. Whether that be the immediate family or an extended family, this energy plays out. During the winter months, this very much needs to be the case.

With the way humanity is moving and evolving, the idea of family is being stretched and expanded to include a much broader view. Our idea of family has changed, to include friends, the community, our nation, humanity. You now see people write – my Facebook family. Technology is allowing us to expand our sense of family to include a much broader audience. You might not see this family every day, but on some level, the connection is there and it feels real…..

The higher mantram for Cancer is “I build a lighted house and therein dwell”. This, on a basic level, is a reference to building a lighted home for yourself and your family and dwelling there in happiness. The symbol for Cancer is the crab, and so it needs its shell to live, to be safe and secure. On a higher note, this mantram is one of much deeper meaning and could very much relate to humanity’s current plight.

We on earth are experiencing a rapid acceleration in the expansion of consciousness. With the advent of technology, the earth is physically emitting more light. Is this not symbolism for a higher movement, one where, as we expand and evolve, we are collectively giving off more light, literally radiating it……If we look back to the mantram, collectively we are building our lighted house here on earth, so that we can dwell in its magnificence, feeling safe and secure, with our family, which we are now understanding, includes everyone.

The higher resonance of the energy of the home, would be the energy of our spiritual home. There is much talk in esoteric circles of the Ashram. This not an outer manifestation, but an inner spiritual home where our soul resides. Could we perhaps be building a physical representation of this inner link…..one where we are linked to the higher part of ourselves, and in turn, other higher beings or forms of energy……..Perhaps their presence is becoming more of a reality in our lives!

Cancer is ruled by the 3rd Ray of active and intelligence and the 7th Ray of order and magic. The 3rd Ray gives Cancer a great ability to link and weave, to use intelligence to link things together. It can manipulate energy and the environment, either for selfish purposes or for betterment of others. The 7th ray generally gives a love of ceremony and habits, coupled with a love of order. As Cancer is a cardinal sign, this is all done in a more dynamic way……

The Moon rules Cancer on the traditional level, highlighting the feeling, mother and cyclic energy known to be associated with this sign. On the higher levels, Cancer is ruled by Neptune, that wonderful spiritual planet that is associated with healing, intuition and creative expression…..

The chart highlights the above energy with Neptune sitting in the 4th house of the home and family at the exact time of the full moon. It has a lovely trine to the Sun in Cancer, allowing us to capitalise on energies of the Ashram and our higher spiritual home and make them something we can identify with, in a feeling and comfortable way.

There is a grand trine involving Saturn, Uranus and our future direction – the north node in Leo. This is all in fire signs, so pushing something forward in relation to spirit is well supported. Saturn is still asking us to be structured with our seeking and learning, whilst Uranus is still pushing us to begin new things. Their trine with the North Node in Leo supports our direction of self-empowerment, allowing us the impetus to begin to do it and the support to carry it out.

One of the biggest challenges I see with the chart is a Moon/Pluto conjunction at the time of the full moon. Whilst this could normally be a good thing, it is in opposition to the Sun and Mars at the time of the full moon. Having Pluto next to the Moon can mean a few things, one of them being a sense of power over one’s emotional state, it can also mean death to emotional or astral forms, which often come at a price. Throw in the opposition to the Sun and Mars and a battle could ensue.

Adding to this is both of them squaring Jupiter, sitting in Libra. The square between Jupiter and Pluto is not new, but during this full moon, it has pulled in the Sun, Moon and Mars. This t-square will hopefully play out with the love and wisdom of Jupiter prevailing, using a sense of justice and fairness to see both sides and an expansive point of view, not regimented ambition vs caring.

The ascendant of this chart and therefore its ruling sign is Sagittarius, layering the chart in a fiery search for the mysteries of the universe with the vision to match it. Sagittarius rules the path, with the goal to continue on with the vision, regardless of obstacles. Combine this with the energy of the Cancer, with its intuition, feeling and the emphasis on the lighted house within, and we have a wonderful opportunity to seek out the higher vision for ourselves and with a strong spiritual base. We can then live a life with the direction of…… ‘as within, so without”.

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