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Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon 2020

FULL MOON: Sunday 5th July 2:44pm AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia)

This year continues to recalibrate our existence here on Earth. When we think that things have settled and a level of normalcy will ensue, we are hit with another wave of impact of energies which continually move the markers of how we live our lives. Wave after wave of change is occurring, in all parts of the globe. This is affecting all lives here on Earth.

Perhaps this has been happening for a longer time than we were consciously aware. Change can be subtle and is in fact manifested on more subtle levels first, before it is wrought out here in the manifested world. All kingdoms of nature are interconnected and as such we have seen many changes happening before our eyes, for quite a while. Many people thought that they were immune to this change, as though they were somehow not affected, living in their own personalised bubble. We are seeing that this is not the case at all, and that we are all – mineral, plant, animal, human and Soul – interconnected and interdependent with each other.

The changes have now well and truly anchored on the physical plane, right before our eyes. Changes that have been a long time coming, beyond the personal thoughts and desires of humans alone, changes long planned and part of an innate Plan of which we are a part, but only a part, not the centre as we would like to think most times.

Why can this be seen and felt so strongly at this time? Our Sun is progressing through Cancer – a water sign which is linked to intuitive perception. Cancer is cardinal water, so at the heart of the essence of the sign, is dynamic energetic interplay. Add the influence of the element of water and we have true intuitive perception playing out.

The higher mantra for this sign is ‘I build a lighted house and therein dwell’. What a wonderful mantra highlighting the power and inclusion of this potent sign. It is from this space that the current energies originate, at least for this month. We could all do well to breathe in the force of its loving waters, imbued with the power of Neptune, the Soul ruler of Cancer.

I always feel a sense of loving embrace during this time of year, as Cancer can be full of nurturing. The Mother of the World and her loving inclusion is felt, offering sanctuary (mentally and emotionally at least) within her full embrace. This helps us anchor within our core and base, a place from whence we can move forth into the world and then retreat when needed.

Building a lighted house is not only a purely physical interpretation – though it helps – it is building vehicles to live in from whence the Soul can express. We are a living manifestation of our Soul’s intention to learn and express and it needs vehicles to do that. A lighted house is something that allows the base for us to do our best work here. This time of the year is a great time to review how you look after your bodies – mental, emotional and physical – so that you can dwell in light, not in darkness.

Neptune’s influence is all around. As the Soul and Hierarchal ruler of Cancer, it is intimately related to this sign. As Neptune rules the ocean – that massive vortex or energy and power that so many people are drawn to – it is a great time to go near water. Just being close to the ocean can invigorate, allowing us to recharge as though we have gone home for a family home-cooked meal.

Just visiting the national park near my house on the weekend I was shocked initially at how many people had gone there to walk along the coastal track alongside the water. But on more reflection, it made perfect sense. The ocean called them – perhaps more so the Cancerian energies compelled them (through their Souls) – to recharge and nurture.

Another reason is in Australia we have the migrating whales coming up the coast in Winter. They leave the freezing winters of the Antarctic to come to the warmer waters up north, frolicking and playing as they make their way up. I felt a sense of gratitude to see these magnificent beings go past, as I imagine everyone else did. I also sensed their sense of security, coming quite close to our shoreline, knowing they are not hunted in these waters and can make safe passage, with their young. That is true Cancer energy there, a Mum with her calf and her loving protection.

Of course, not everything is rosy in the greater world, as I am brought back from the dreamy Neptunian waters to the reality of current life. The 2nd coming of the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is almost here, as it gets closer every day. This is manifesting in a second wave of Coronavirus hysteria. This will be even more potent this month as the Sun will be basically opposite in Cancer, while they are in Capricorn.

We know the world is in upheaval, there are new energies bursting forth into our world, and this will not stop any time soon. Wanting to be a little lost in our dream and thoughts will be a definite possibility this month, while the stark realities of how things are will be ever pressing in the earthy Capricorn…

I think we need to hold true. If we are strong in our lighted house, then we can weather any storm (I am talking as a group). A lighthouse is built to warn off ships from the rocks around it, so they do not crash and sink. They can withstand waves, rain, surging seas and torrential weather, holding true and offering their form of service for as long as they can.

We too have that potential. Let’s weather the storm, in the embrace of the Mother and the Cancerian energies. Neptune awaits, that sign that is closely aligned with the Christ – the World Teacher – with its spiritual power and understanding.

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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