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Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon 2019

Actual Full Moon: Wednesday 17th July 7.38 am AEST

This month’s full moon is in Capricorn, which happens as the Sun travels through Cancer. As this happens, Mercury will be in the middle of its retrograde period, having begun its seemingly backward movement through Leo on Monday the 8th July at about 9:14 am AEST (note that time). It will retrograde back into the sign of Cancer (probably impacting us the most) on the 19th of July, just after the full moon, before stationing and moving forward on the 1st of August – 1:58 pm AEST.

The actual full moon itself will be on Wednesday the 17th of July at 7:38 am AEST. This will be a particularly potent period, with a full moon signifying an unbroken straight line between the constellation of Cancer, our Sun, and the Earth itself. Mercury being retrograde could well disrupt many things, and probably will, yet if you choose to use the more positive effects of a Mercury retrograde, which I believe are an ability to focus due to a decrease of lower concrete mind thinking, then you might see the positive attributes of this transit.

I see Mercury retrogrades as a time where the wheels of machination slow a little. Our lives are so busy, for many reasons. One is just life is quicker, we achieve more in a day than we used to due to technology. This, of course, is an outer happening. What about the inner happenings that many of us attuned to – An increasingly heightened vibration from the Earth, more light distribution as the planet evolves and us (as part of the Human family) synthetically with it…….Do these not create our outer world?

Cancer is a sensitive sign. It is a water sign and is therefore highly linked to emotion and intuition, the higher expression being the latter which goes beyond emotion and straight to pure knowing or meaning. It is also a dynamic sign, being influenced by the mode of operation of cardinal signs (Like Aries, Libra and Capricorn). Cardinal signs create change, they move energy and wield it into force, to influence. This full moon period is on the axis between Cancer (Sun) and Capricorn (Moon), so we should expect dynamic interplay, both internally within, and externally without…..

In esoteric writings, the Tibetan Master wrote that Cancer is the gateway into Humanity, while Capricorn is the gateway out of Humanity, into Spirit. We will perhaps never know the true meaning of exactly what he meant, but we can look to add some thoughts on the matter.

Cancer is related to mass consciousness, the taking of a form into this life. I think this has a lot to do with Cancer being linked with the home, the nest, the mother and the stable secure home that Cancer-influenced people yearn for. Cancer rules the 4th house in astrology, the house linked to our roots in this life, our personal family, our karma and what we bring in with us. Our densest point……the point of mass….

Yet what about on the inner side of our lives. Do we belong to another family, one that we cannot see? One that is not form or physical in nature, but perhaps exists on some other level? Our inner home perhaps…..? Does Cancer influence this? Do we leave this to enter into this life and take form?

Capricorn, on the other hand, is said to be the gateway out of the Human life, out into spirit. If there is a gateway in, then there must be a gateway out, lest we live forever in a birth/death life cycle for eternity. Capricorn signifies the climbing of the spiritual mountain, where once we were attached to form (Capricorn the earth sign), we now let that go as we climb to our spiritual peak. On the top of the mountain is the gateway out, but not before we come back down to assist others. This is the releasing of form and personal acquisition.

Having the Sun in Cancer during this period means it will more than likely highlight our intuitive sense, especially towards our human family. It could also make it easier to sense and feel our inner home, our sense of where we actually call Home. Having Mercury retrograde will disrupt many, but will allow others to focus their mental capacities towards things that they might not have been able to before……Each transit brings its gifts.

Having the full moon in Capricorn will perhaps allow us to transcend our lower emotional nature, to enter more deeply into the world of spirit. It will allow us to be more down to earth in nature, balancing our sensitivities experienced with the Sun in Cancer. On a higher level, the Mercury retrograde might allow us to focus our attention on one section of our own mountain that we have been too busy to climb……

Remember with all full moon periods, one of the things that is being experienced is the need to balance energies. There is always an axis of opposing energies that need balancing, in one way or another. How we do that and how we respond is according to our own free will and choice. It could well happen anyway, yet our response to this is our own.

The higher mantram for Cancer is –
A question to consider – Where exactly is the lighted house that we are to build, or perhaps add to or renovate
, and how do we dwell in that house while still functioning in normal society……..? That is the question!


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