Wednesday , 6 December 2023
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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2017

libra sun

ACTUAL FULL MOON:Friday 6th October 4:40am AEST ((Time in Sydney, Australia. Daylight Saving ADD ONE HOUR) As you might have seen recently, the United Nations are in the spotlight at the moment. With Libran energies highlighted due to the Sun’s movement through this sign, the U.N have been brought to our attention. Various leaders’ speeches have been broadcast, grabbing our …

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Astrology 1 – the fundamentals

Conducted by Stephen Bayliss and hosted by Intuitive Astrology Have you ever thought of learning more about Astrology, the oldest science in the world? Ever wanted to better understand what influences you psychologically? Join Stephen for a 2 day exploration of the fundamentals of Astrology. 14 and 15 October 2017 – 10 am to 4.30 pm Please Note the Venue has been …

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Virgo Sun Pisces Moon 2017

Actual Full Moon: Wednesday 6th September 5:03pm AEST It’s funny how in life sometimes we respond to unconscious conditioning. We literally do things without thinking too much about it. Or perhaps, we do think about it but it is on a level that we are not conscious of…… Today before starting to write this article, I looked around my physical environment. I …

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Leo Sun Aquarius Moon – 2017

leo sun

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Tuesday 8th August 4:11am AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia) “I am that and that am I” is the higher vibrating mantram for the sign of Leo. Upon showing this to a colleague the other day, she said, “It is very cryptic”. Like all mantrams or words of power, they have an energy resonance that, when sounded together, emit …

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Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon 2017

cancer sun

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Sunday 9th July 2:07 pm AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia) This year the change over from Gemini energy to Cancer, coming from the Sun’s movement from the view of the Earth, came on the 21st of June. This came on either the winter or summer solstice, depending on which hemisphere you live in. Here in Australia and …

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Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon

gemini sun

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Friday 9th 11:10 pm AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia) You might have noticed recently that your best laid plans have had to change. The energy of Gemini is one that will change with rapid versatility. Ruled by Mercury on the traditional level, the energy of Gemini allows for mercurial quick thinking and mutable change. This adaption can be …

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Taurus Sun – Scorpio Full Moon 2017

buddha taurus

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Thursday 11th May 7:43 am AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia) In Esoteric circles, the Full moon during the time of Taurus is said to be the high point of the spiritual festivals, the mid ground between the times of the Full moons in Aries and Gemini. This is closely related to the Buddha and Buddhist beliefs, especially …

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Aries Sun Libra Full Moon

Mercury god - aries sun libra full moon

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Tuesday 11th 4:08pm AEST (time in Sydney Australia) The cycles of the greater life ebb and flow. Cycles within cycles, smaller and greater, continue with and without our conscious recognition. Watching the clouds roll across the sky, one could dismiss this as a non-event. Yet they form part of a greater weather system. They slowly form and build, …

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Pisces Sun Virgo Full Moon 2017

pisces 2 sharks

Pisces is the sign of endings and beginnings. At the ending of a cycle, a new one begins. Every year at this stage there is something that ends, that is absorbed into the life aspect and an older form dies off.  Such is the nature of cycles and such is life. When we become aware of this fact and of …

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Aquarius Sun Leo Full Moon


We are entering times like nothing else seen on Earth. Every day there seems to be a new twist, a new direction, an outer happening that tugs at the very core of the fabric of our living. Each day we are bombarded with a new threat, a new tweet, a subsequent reaction, and a heartfelt response from us living as …

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