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Esoteric meaning of the full moon

esoteric meaning of full moon

An esoteric interpretation of the influences at the time of the full moon places an emphasis on the sign the Sun is in. Whatever constellation the Sun is in at the time of the full moon, it will be at its peak energetic influence. This is based on a belief that the time of the full moon is a special time …

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Sun in Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius 2014:

sun in leo full moon in aquarius 2014

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment This commentary is based on an esoteric interpretation of the full moon energies. Sun in Leo As we progress along our journey through the stars, the Sun now turns its attention towards the constellation of Leo. The Sun has a special relationship with Leo, as in traditional astrology it rules this sign. …

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Cancer full moon 2014 – our sense of belonging

full moon meditation

The constellation of Cancer is a mysterious sign. It is in the water element and is represented by the crab. The crab is dual in nature, being able to both live in water and on land. So in essence the crab has the ability to link both worlds of land and sea, physical and emotional. This is perhaps one of …

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Gemini full moon – Rising up through the ashes of the old

phoenix rising

Gemini full moon 2014 Insights into the astrological energies of the moment by Stephen Bayliss As we move into the full moon during the Sun’s movement through Gemini, we come to the climax of the spiritual season, the festival of the Christ. There is a succession of energy movement which starts in Aries, gathers blessing and illumination in Taurus and is …

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Taurus full moon 2014 – an easing of tension

constellation of Taurus

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment by Stephen Bayliss The key note for Taurus is “I see the light and when the eye is opened, all is light“ An easing of tension As we look at this chart, at the high point of the spiritual festival, the full moon in Taurus, we see a slight easing of the dynamic energy …

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Journey to the WESAK VALLEY in TIBET 1985

Journey to Wesak Valley Tibet

Legend has it that the Wesak festival forms itself into a channel for the transmission of power, and blessings from the levels on which the Buddha may be found. He acts as a focal point for that power and, passing it through his aura, pours it over humanity. The above video is an introductory clip from The Film Journey, which has no narrative …

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A critical moment – full moon in Aries 2014


Full Moon in Aries 2014 Insights into the astrological energies of the moment by Stephen Bayliss April 2014. With the full moon falling in Aries and the start of the spiritual festival, there is some amazing planetary activity at the moment. One only need look at the chart to see that this full moon and the time in the immediate …

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