Wednesday , 29 June 2022
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Where is our consciousness?

We live in a physical world but where is our consciousness? Increasingly people live in a virtual world via internet, iPad, iPod, iPhone, TV, film, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, computer…. We have an electronic “presence” (or alias) which absorbs our attention for more waking hours than does the physical world. We are perhaps living mainly in the mental plane and have largely …

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For Reflection ~ 13 July 2014

“Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” ~   Rumi

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Cancer full moon 2014 – our sense of belonging

full moon meditation

The constellation of Cancer is a mysterious sign. It is in the water element and is represented by the crab. The crab is dual in nature, being able to both live in water and on land. So in essence the crab has the ability to link both worlds of land and sea, physical and emotional. This is perhaps one of …

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Join the Vigil on World Invocation Day 2014

world invocation day

Be part of the 2014 global Vigil for World Invocation Day by using the Great Invocation, on the quarter hour, at times of your choosing during the days Thursday and Friday June 12 and 13. World Invocation Day 2014 On World Invocation Day groups and individuals around the planet unite in prayer and meditation to invoke energies of Light, Love …

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World Goodwill Newsletter

The World Goodwill Newsletter is a regular publication highlighting the energy of goodwill in world affairs. It presents a universal spiritual approach to topics of concern and draws attention to the work of uplifting humanity achieved in many different fields by civil society, the United Nations, and other actors. A sample of topics covered include: UN Reform The impact and …

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What is the soul?

what is the soul?

Many begin their conscious search for meaning with something like this question. It may not even register in words and yet hover with increasing presence – even pressure – behind the usual layers of thought and attention. At some point it begins to influence the way we interact with the world and we start to discard or turn away from …

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Soul Impulses – Towards a New Humanity

new humanity

 The advanced thinking, the success of the many esoteric movements and above all, the marvels of science and the wonder of the many humanitarian movements, indicate no divine frustration but growth of spiritual understanding; the forces of the spirit are unconquered. These aspects of human behaviour indicate the wonder of the divinity which is in man and the success of …

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Keynotes of the New Era


Where are we going – Visions of the coming civilisation. It’s easy to look back at the past, already created, and find fault with it; nostalgically idolise it; or select bits to rationalise our current actions. But we are creative beings! We really don’t need to scrabble amongst the refuse of the past in search of shiny scraps on which …

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The Summons – or the Call – from Master M. You with open ear, You with open eye, You who know Me, Blessings unto you. Let My Name be a forged talisman to you. May the depths of Heaven be bountiful to you. Blessings unto you. Direct your eye like a falcon into the distance. This is My counsel. You, …

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Image Gallery of Inspirational Quotes

A collection of images with Inspirational Quotes – can be viewed as a slide-show.

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