Tuesday , 21 May 2024
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Creating our Future through Art: a focus on the G7

G7 leaders from USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and Italy plus the EU and, by invitation, Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa will meet at Carbis Bay, Cornwall, from 11 to 13 June 2021 to address global challenges. https://www.g7uk.org

67 years ago, Wellesley Tudor Pole, founder of the Silent Minute, had a vision over Carbis Bay where he saw Archangel Michael bring the fire of divine inspiration to Humanity to regenerate all manifestations of life on our planet for a New Era.

G72021 offers an opportunity for our leaders to truly cooperate and take shared responsibility to reset global priorities and manifest the best outcomes to address the challenges we face in relation to the health of the planet and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of all planetary life.

We invite everyone to use the arts to invoke the best actions from this summit to radically revolutionise our approach to “build back better” following the pandemic pause.

Write a poem, sing a song, dance, draw, paint, sculpt, animate, create a meme, short film or podcast and share through your networks. At this moment in history, dare to imagine the apparently impossible. What if you wrote the joint communique at the end of summit? What would it say to inspire action for global cooperation, peace and freedom?

Please feel free to share your work with us via email to or via a comment at the bottom of this article.

Here’s a brilliant example of what’s possible. Sing2G7 https://www.sing2g7.org invites and imagines the leaders putting children’s voices at the heart of G72021 to make it relevant to their lives. See the “Gee Seven” song: https://sydneygoodwill.org.au/gee-seven-by-sir-tim-rice-and-peter-hobbs-for-sing2g7-with-truro-cathedral-choristers/

Rudolf Steiner wrote extensively about Archangel Michael. He said that we will experience Archangel Michael’s presence when we ignite the fire in our heart. This fire transcends words and language, is beyond any differentiation of nationality or culture and hence is why the arts lend themselves so beautifully to communicate this real inner experience of spirit.

Imagine the power of our collective creativity to inspire the G7 to cooperate to co-create a better world for all.



Official website for 2021 G7: https://www.g7uk.org

The History of the Global Silent Minute:


Global Silent Minute 777 Countdown to the G7

https://sydneygoodwill.org.au/global-silent-minute-777-countdown-to-g7/ This link includes Wellesley Tudor Pole’s vision of Archangel Michael at Carbis Bay.

Sing2g7 website: https://www.sing2g7.org

“Gee Seven” by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs for ‘Sing2G7’ with Truro Cathedral Choristers

Lyrics: https://e381fa67-d34d-47c4-82af-5328577019a1.filesusr.com/ugd/a4addd_4f1511e92dc24a22bf3102d941a8ff88.pdf

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  1. I would like to share my video titled, “Peace On Earth” with the G7 event. This was done in Times Square NYC after a concert I had performed at the United Nations for the Unitarian Universalists.

    Thank you.


    Cecilia St. King


    • mm

      Dear Cecilia. It is so beautiful and uplifting!
      Thank you so much for this globally unifying offering.
      It speaks from and to the Soul in us all.
      Blessings and gratitude to you.

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