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bird of grace

The Fiery Bird of Grace

I was touched by the fiery bird, the messenger of the Supermundane World.”

At the time of the Wesak Festival the Forces of Enlightenment are brought more intensely near to humanity. The Buddha returns and, together with the Christ, pours forth the blessing of illumination on all who invoke it in service to a thirsty world.

We are told that “illumination is focussed grace” [Heart 503] and that “A heart that has dedicated itself to goodness radiates grace unceasingly, without depending on intentional transmissions. Likewise, the sun sends forth its rays without premeditation… The heart of goodness sows around itself health, smiles, and spiritual wellbeing.” [Heart 63].

As the heart turns towards the source of grace, a constant blessing emanates and touches all to the degree their heart is open to receive. “When a man returns from the pure outdoor air he emits a fragrant odor. Equally fragrant is the consciousness over-shadowed by Grace.” [Aum 89]

The new world of the heart is emerging through the illumined mind which thinks with the heart: “We remind people about the distant worlds, but it is the heart, not the brain, that can remember about Infinity. So let us not belittle the organ that has been bestowed upon us to be a receptacle of Grace.” [Heart 277]

And, as we observe our current world, it is becoming so very clear that: “The new cannot be built according to thoughts and intentions that are conventional, prejudiced, and worldly …grace flows far and wide; its sparks are swept into many different hearths by the cosmic whirlwind. You yourselves see how unexpectedly the seeds of plants establish themselves. Similarly, there are all kinds of differences among humans…” [Heart 125]

This is a time of utmost opportunity – of grace – when the Enlightened Ones through all traditions, together, focus extra potency for us, beyond the constant outpouring that is always available to the uplifted heart.   “At all times the Teaching of Life is being poured forth upon the Earth without interruption. It is impossible to imagine earthly existence without this link to the Invisible World. As an anchor of salvation and a guiding light, the Teaching strengthens one’s advance through the darkness. But amidst the unceasing shower of Grace, one can notice a rhythm like the swelling of the ocean’s waves, in which a special expansion distinctly appears; it is then that the Teachings manifest. In this way you can explain the rhythm of the entire world as one of expansion and submersion; in other words, you can outline the evolution of Being.” [Heart, 17]

So let us turn our hearts towards the gentle, eternal rain of grace. The attentive heart knows that:  “Drops of Grace fall into the chalice of heart’s joy.” [Fiery World II, 393] and: “In the same way that a magnet attracts certain metals, the heart accepts Grace.” [Heart 33] “for in the heart’s power of comprehension, and also in Grace, there is fundamentally no feeling of self – in other words, there is an absence of the principle that most hinders progress.” [Heart 336]

“Primary energy, grace, psychic energy, fiery energy, prana—there have been many names over the centuries, but the meaning is one. Life-giver, channel of the creative force, impeller to knowledge—thus can people understand grace…the energy must be acknowledged, invoked, and accepted … one must know how to invoke the energy. The pure will must be tensed so that the fiery magnet is activated. …It is also difficult for man to accept grace in earthly life. Like a bird of paradise, grace will beat its wings against its cage, losing its best feathers. He who accepts grace must keep the wonderful bird free, but how to treat it so that it does not become a pitiful prisoner? People have invented many different ways to adapt their everyday lives to the grandeur of the beautiful energy, but often without giving a thought to the meaning of the word grace.

The Thinker rejoiced when he sensed the presence of grace. He said, “I was touched by the fiery bird, the messenger of the Supermundane World.” [Supermundane IV, 851]

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