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Free astrology webinar with Stephen Bayliss

If you missed the webinar:-

Much gratitude to Stephen for his wonderful insights into the significant astrological alignments and relationships that create the energy field through which we are living in these times – unprecedented in so many ways.

It was very well received by about 47 participants who enjoyed the free-flowing question and answer sessions after each stage of the presentation. It was a joy to share insights together and explore these deeply potent astrological patterns with Stephen’s warm, practical and inclusive facilitation.– Sydney Goodwill (Dec 2020)

Stephen Bayliss offered a free online webinar about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius happening in December 2020 – not seen since the 1400’s – plus important astrological transits that will be happening in 2021.

Date: Sunday 6th December 2020


Starts: 6:30PM AEDT  (Time in Sydney Australia)
Ends: 7:30 or 8:00PM

Topics covered:

  • Learn about what the Great conjunction is and why this one is so significant
  • Look at how the current dominating Capricorn energies which influenced the whole world so much this year will subside and how more emphasis will be laid on community and people (Aquarius)
  • See what the heavens have in store for us next year and how it might play out in our lives

How to join:

  • All are welcome. There is NO NEED to register.
  • When you are ready to join, click the following link a few minutes before the start of the meeting


If you are on our newsletter mailing list, you will receive a reminder email on the day before the webinar (Saturday 5th December in Australia).

Time Zone conversions

6:30PM AEDT is the time in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra, Australia.  Here is a list of the corresponding times in various Australian cities:-

Sydney (Australia – NSW) Sunday 06-Dec-20 6:30 PM AEDT UTC+11 hrs
Melbourne (Australia – VIC) Sunday 06-Dec-20 6:30 PM AEDT UTC+11 hrs
Brisbane (Australia – QLD) Sunday 06-Dec-20 5:30 PM AEST UTC+10 hrs
Adelaide (Australia – SA) Sunday 06-Dec-20 6:00 PM ACDT UTC+10:30 hrs
Darwin (Australia – NT) Sunday 06-Dec-20 5:00 PM ACST UTC+9:30 hrs
Perth (Australia – WA) Sunday 06-Dec-20 3:30 PM AWST UTC+8 hours

In other parts of the world:-

Auckland (NZ) Sunday 06-Dec-20 8:30 PM NZDT UTC+13 hrs
London (UK) Sunday 06-Dec-20 7:30 AM GMT UTC
New York (USA) Sunday 06-Dec-20 2:30 AM EST UTC-5 hrs
Geneva (Switzerland) Sunday 06-Dec-20 8:30 AM CET UTC+1 hr
Tokyo (Japan) Sunday 06-Dec-20 4:30 PM JST UTC+9 hrs
Darjeeling (India) Sunday 06-Dec-20 1:00 PM IST UTC+5:30 hours
UTC (GMT) Sunday 06-Dec-20 7:30 AM

You can check the time in your local area using the Time Zone Converter at this link:-

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  1. For those of us who cannot participate in Stephen’s webinar due to the time, (1:30 a.m. Nashville, TN), will it be shared later on your website? Or would a transcript be available?

    Thank you for your service!
    P.S. (I am already on your mailing list.)

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for contacting us. Stephen has replied:-

      Hi Linda. Thanks for your interest in the webinar. Apologies it is not on at a time that is great for you. We will be offering a recording and the slides a few days after the presentation, so if you want to watch then, it will be available.
      Thanks again for your interest 🙂

  2. Thankyou Stephen for your interesting webinar.

    Some further thoughts on fixed stars. Some conventional astrologers consider conjunctions of a fixed star and a planet in a chart as potentially significant. They use a one degree orb as a range of possible influence for the conjunction.

    In relation to the coming transiting conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius commencing at 0 degrees the closest fixed star is Albirio at one degree 32 minutes Aquarius. It is considered to be the fifth brightest star in the constellation Cygnus the Swan and in the “Beak of Cygnus” – Cygnus being one of the constellations given by the Tibetan in relation to Aquarius. Cygnus is positioned in the heavens between Delphinus the dolphin and Pegasus the winged horse. The fixed star Altair comes into focus next at Aquarius 2 degrees 04 minutes.

    It all reminds me of that beautiful tone poem created by the Finnish composer Sibelius “The Swan of Tuonela” part of the Lemminkainen Suite based on the mythological epic known as the Kalevala.

    “The music paints a gossamer, transcendental image of a mystical swan floating through Tuonela, the realm of the dead. Lemminkainen, the hero of the epic, has been tasked with killing the sacred swan; but on the way, he is shot with a poisoned arrow and dies. In the next part of the story he is restored to life.” (Wikipedia).

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