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A critical moment – full moon in Aries 2014

Full Moon in Aries 2014

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment

by Stephen Bayliss

April 2014. With the full moon falling in Aries and the start of the spiritual festival, there is some amazing planetary activity at the moment. One only need look at the chart to see that this full moon and the time in the immediate weeks is bringing in new, powerful changes and energies;  but with Libra opposite Aries, there is a need to find the right balance in doing this. The whole situation at the moment is one of powerful energies and the need to learn how to balance them properly for the benefit of all.

The whole situation at the moment is one of powerful energies and the need to learn how to balance them properly for the benefit of all.

There is a strong collection of planets in Aries, with the sun, mercury and Uranus all there. This is backed up but by the south node, suggesting perhaps we have been here before. Opposite this is the moon, conjuncted by Mars, all in Libra, trying to find right balance. This is backed up by the north node, which suggests, it is where we must head. New change, the desire to initiate and free ourselves and humanity from set rigid forms, all the planets in Aries, backed up by the start of the spiritual festival with the full moon in Aries, suggest a powerful time for change.

The fact that the mantram for Aries is “I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule“, plus also the fact that mercury (representing the mind and messenger of the gods) is in Aries and that it is the esoteric ruler of Aries, suggests both will and the power of one’s mind is very powerful at this time.

I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule

Opposite to this is Mars, conjunct the moon, and we can see why the balancing of one’s emotions and not enforcing our will upon another (Russia, America, Venezuela) is really an act of balance at the moment, one that is power packed with the grand cross of Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars. One can only marvel at the divine architect who designed all of this to happen during the start of the annual spiritual festival, in a time for humanity where huge transformations are taking place, so that these four planets would meet and create such tension that humanity will be required to act.

The fact that it is all in the cardinal element suggests we may be experiencing influences from the Spiritual Hierarchical, Shamballa and beyond,  given that they only operate when the energy is such that it maximises its effect, due to the spiritual law of economy.

It is a great time to learn the use of the mind and will

It is an exciting time to be here, to know that we have the opportunity as a group and in our personal lives to work through tension in our environment, the pulling of forces, yet still have the opportunity to create new and sustainable methods for humanity – it is there for all of us to do our part. It is a great time to learn the use of the mind and will, especially in the larger context of the group and universal mind and will.

Jupiter is still a key to this chart. It sits, at the time of a huge full moon, on top of the chart. As indicated before, the fact that it is in cancer means that it is bringing faith and optimism to the grand cross, giving us a sense that though there is tension in the air, things are changing, have faith that humanity will be still nurtured and cared for, that something higher is coming through. Jupiter can be idealistic though and excessive which might, at the moment, be stimulating people and groups who feel that they are acting on an idea that they believe is right and that is perhaps god ordained, that they have the right to impose their sense of belief on another.

Jupiter is backed though with a nice and supportive trine from Venus, Neptune and Chiron, all in Pisces the world saviour. This brings in a wonderful healing, beautiful, loving energy which supports the faith, higher ideals and wisdom of Jupiter. The fact that they are both in water, probably suggests that there are many emotions and cleavages healing while we go through our grand cross, that we should try to see beauty in our environment and how Neptune is supporting it with a higher sense of the divine.

One only need look at the missing Malaysian flight to see that it has brought together many nations in cooperation with a seemingly impossible task. 

One only need look at the missing Malaysian flight to see that it has brought together many nations in cooperation with a seemingly impossible task. Interesting that it is in the ocean (Neptune). The nebulous waters of Neptune appear to have hidden the plane from view, but the cooperation from all of the countries involved, including the usually more reserved China, has seen some interesting wounds healed (Chiron). It is interesting that they believe it is sitting at the bottom of the ocean, 4.5 kilometres down. At such a hidden depth, in complete darkness one would suggest the influence of Scorpio.

The ruler of this chart for the full moon, sitting on the ascendant, is Scorpio, suggesting we are indeed facing some of the depths of the hidden and darker sides, yet it needs to be this way as the light of consciousness needs to shine through.

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.


  1. I think this essay on the current astrological situation has a wonderfully positive outlook, one which welcomes the prospect of changes and the consequent opportunities that they provide, rather than the usual diet of doom and disaster. Very refreshing, and so much more in harmony with the outlook and intentions of the Hierarchy and Shamballa.

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    Dear lady, if you ever return to this page, please accept my apologies and if possible, write again. We would so love to hear from you!

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