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Full Moon in Gemini 7-8th December 2022

In this video (29 min) Pam Gregory speaks of the Full Moon in Gemini on 7-8th December 2022.

Pam says that there is a lot going on, with many trigger points for change, and many threads that will unravel, making for interesting times.

She also mentions that Pluto is returning to its natal position for the USA (4th July 1776) which will dramatically affect the country in transformative and unexpected ways. This is a process set to last several years, a process that will also colour how the energy of Pluto plays out in the world generally.

The structure underpinning our monthly astrological advice needs a bit of help: Pam Gregory, the presenter of the above regular astrology segment included in our newsletters, is struggling to continue because of a major joint failure in her right knee. For those who are willing, and consider it appropriate to do so, please send Pam some healing energy, to help put the situation aright.

The following is an update video from Pam Gregory, thanking people for sending her healing energy: –

(12.22min) A Personal Thank You – and Miracle – Pam Gregory
Pam gives details of her alternative medical treatment, a form of ‘regenerative medicine’.

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