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Full SuperMoon in Aquarius 11th August 2022

In this 30-minute video, Pam Gregory discusses the astrological developments for the first half of August and the Full SuperMoon in Aquarius on the 11-12th.

Pam says that this is a time of accelerated evolution. She wants us to know that anything that is not of the heart is destined to fall away, and that we are riding a wave of change that is incredibly exciting. If we can live from the inside out, that can assist us in remaining centred through all the changes.

The chart indicates an increase in Aquarian energy, with its focus on co-operative groups replacing the ‘top down’ methods of organising; to illustrate this, Pam provides a link to her discussions with Katherine McBean, the founder of the People’s Health Alliance in the UK: –
https://youtu.be/WCfpoJpcLAo  (40.18mins) Interview with Katherine McBean of the People’s Health Alliance – Pam Gregory

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