Tuesday , 21 May 2024
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Global Silent Minute and Nagasaki 77

Global Silent Minute will offer one minute of Silence at the exact atomic moment of the 77th Anniversary of Nagasaki.

August 9th 2022

3:02 am in London
4:02 am in Geneva
7:32 am in Darjeeling
11:02 am in Tokyo
12:02 pm in Sydney

August 8th 2022

10:02 pm in New York

To come together in the minute of Silence within the Sirian energies in Leo is significant as we mark a moment in the Manifest World of unimaginable devastation alongside extraordinary cooperation between the worlds, both sides of the veil.

We invite everyone to subjectively hold the space around the minute of Silence which will be live-streamed from https://www.facebook.com/GlobalSilentMinutePage or  www.globalsilentminute.org.  The event surrounding the Global Silent Minute begins live-streaming 9 minutes before the Silent Minute.

We will be playing the clip below for Nagasaki 77 where, after the minute of Silence, the Tibetan bowl sounds twelve times honouring the Silent Command of the Mother of the World with Her gift of Regeneration through Silence to the Manifest World.


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