Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Global Silent Minute, Archangel Michael and Ukraine

Archangel Michael’s presence as the Protector and Patron of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is recognised in the beautiful Golden-Domes Monastery dedicated to Him and in the statue overlooking Independence Square.

More subtle, yet just as present, is Archangel Michael at the Gardens at Chalice Well, another initiative founded by Wellesley Tudor Pole, instigator of the Silent Minute, launched in 1940 as Germany embarked on sustained bombing attacks of the UK. The “Michael line,” a leyline of energy that threads it way around the planet, criss-crossing with the “Mary line”, passes through the most tranquil part of the garden known as King Arthur’s Court. It’s within a walled enclosure and houses a healing pool fed by the waters from the well. Visitors can wade through the pool and experience the gentle, therapeutic effects. Above the arched doorway is the Vesica Piscis, pierced by a sword – Archangel Michael’s flaming sword of Truth.

In these days when Armageddon is outpicturing in the Manifest World in Ukraine, its capital, Kyiv, the heart of the country, holds in symbolic form in the monastery and the statue (above) the powerful Presence of Archangel Michael, not just Protector and Patron but the Leader of the Angelic Hosts of Heaven.

As leylines connect significant magnetic locations around the globe, may they bristle with the Fire of Truth and the Fire of Freedom in support of Cosmic Right.

May the thought of the healing balm of the waters from Chalice Well soothe, rejuvenate and strengthen all those who fight for freedom at the forefront of this battle where the rule of evil must end.

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