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Silence as Action draws deeply from the Chalice of Silence - See image details below for acknowledgements

Global Silent Minute – Aries – 2021


The Global Silent Minute is galvanising Humanity to recognise the necessity to embed a new paradigm to create the culture of peace so that challenges and conflicts are resolved before they escalate to violence. Our spiritual weapon is harnessing the power of Silence in selfless service to be used for the benefit of all – to ultimately bring an end to all warring – to bring peace to humankind and all life.

The inspiration for the original Silent Minute was born on a battlefield near Jerusalem in World War I when a British officer who knew he would not survive the war asked his comrade to find a way for him, and the millions like him, to assist daily from the “other side” through the power of Silence to end a greater war he saw coming.

That way became the Big Ben Silent Minute launched in World War II when Britain was under attack from the air. Each night BBC Radio would broadcast Big Ben’s bells at 9PM GMT followed by a minute of on air silence. Millions around the world – and on the “other side” – paused to participate together in this silent vigil which served to strengthen the resolve and united will of those with the shared intention to use the power of Silence as a spiritual weapon. The significance of the impact of this daily rhythm was acknowledged by a high-ranking German Officer who, when asked why he thought Germany had lost the war said, “We couldn’t find a way to counter your secret weapon. It was preceded by ringing of bells and, I believe you called it the Silent Minute.”

The instigator of the Silent Minute, Wellesley Tudor Pole, had known of its real potential and recognized its achievement. He knew that there were even greater possibilities that would unfold through harnessing the power of Silence. He urged leaders to realise that the full use of spiritual weapons is essential to bring peace on earth. Our intention in adding “Global” to the Silent Minute has been to take up this challenge. We recognise that today there are a myriad of “battle-fields” across the planet – and yet, the global rhetoric advocates for peace. Participating daily in the Global Silent Minute – the exact same minute everywhere – calibrated to 9PM GMT – allows us to re-member and actively restore our knowing of our interconnectedness and thus close the gap between the words and action. United in Silence, we realise our identity as global citizens responsible for the shared leadership and stewardship of our beautiful blue planet as we continue to apprehend and recognise the unfolding power of this Silence.

We refer to this power of Silence in our daily vigil as Silence as Action in the recognition that our communion together gathers a special energy that revitalises our identity in the One Heart. Indeed, we have the opportunity to synchronize our individual heart-beats within the One Heart which, like an electrical generator, beats out the rhythm of the Universe.

The ancients had the wisdom to acknowledge the intimate relationship between Humanity and the Cosmos – and recognise the latter’s guiding compass in daily life. Over the centuries in the Manifest or Outer World, Humanity has drifted from this intimacy, creating an imbalance. If the spirit of humanity was a bird, we would say that it’s flying with only one wing.

To continue the analogy: of the two wings one is the visible, matter, the masculine; the other is the invisible, spirit, the feminine. In the reality of the Subtle Worlds, these wings belong to the one bird and hence are indivisible. Yet, in the Manifest World or Outer World, modern Humanity has strayed from the truth of this indivisibility in our over-emphasis on one wing.

In our unity in Silence, the equilibrium between the two wings is present. It is felt. It is our lived experience within the Silence. And, it anchors that knowing in our bodies and thus we radiate that awareness as Silence as Action.

The Global Silent Minute invites us to pause daily at 9 pm GMT in Silence as Action through Sacred Unity to restore our intimate connection within Cosmos – to recalibrate us to a deeper, holistic perspective where our united focus and communion in the One Heart impacts evolution. In this daily practice, we unite hearts around the globe and across the veil to participate in a universal rhythm that reverberates from Cosmos through Humanity for the benefit of all.

With the launch of the annual Global Silent Minute at the December Solstice in 2019 we called for a global pause for a minute. Subsequently, the pandemic facilitated a global pause for a year. For the annual Global Silent Minute in 2020, we recognized the significance of the chalice as a symbol of our daily communion and invoked the Chalice of Silence in which humanity unearths and acknowledges its accumulations and treasures down the centuries that have brought us to this point – and that are readily available for use and sharing. For the annual Global Silent Minute in 2021, we continue to work with the mighty power of the Chalice of Silence as we listen to and apprehend the magnetic seeds of the future anchoring in awareness.

When we enter the Global Silent Minute, we ring a bell to restore our greater connection with the Cosmos. We imagine an alignment from

  • the Cosmic Bell at the heart of Cosmos
  • to the Planetary Bell that is Mount Kailash (at the top of the world in Tibet in the Himalayas) known as the Mountain of the Bell
  • to the bell centre within each and every one of us.

Daily Practice

We invite you to join us in the daily practice of the Global Silent Minute. There’s a clip on the Global Silent Minute facebook page that begins with the sounding of an Indian Elephant Temple bell, is followed by a minute of Silence and then twelve strikes of the Tibetan singing bowl as the accumulations in the group chalice are distributed. Let us ring in resonance with this universal rhythm so that the spirit of the bird of Humanity soars in equilibrium on both wings.  This same clip is published on our website here

Knowing that two concordant thoughts increase their power seven-fold, imagine millions of concordant thoughts igniting the Fire of Love at the Heart of Humanity as we hold the shared intention of Global Cooperation, Peace and Freedom.



Title: Silence as Action draws deeply from the Chalice of Silence
Acknowledgements: Graphic Design & Text: Wendy J Thompson. Gratitude to Pixabay for the Image.

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