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global silent minute january 2023

Global Silent Minute: The Rhythmic Sound of Truth


On 21 December 2022 we participated in the annual Global Silent Minute and launched the theme for 2023 of re-orienting to the compass of Truth through Silence.

The annual Global Silent Minute provides an opportunity to sound the energetic pulse for the yearly cycle which then reverberates through 365 planetary heartbeats in Silence in our daily rhythm at 9 PM GMT.

Since the inception of the annual Global Silent Minute four years ago we have paused in Silence on 21 December to sound the annual note for the following year:

  • RE-calibrating our identity within the Heart (2020)
  • RE-vitalising this identity from the well or Chalice of Silence residing deep within the Heart (2021)
  • RE-generating our relationship with the Mother of the World through synchronising our heart-beat with Hers (2022)

The three notes of these three years form a foundational chord of the Global Silent Minute that we are building upon as we RE-orient to the compass of Truth through Silence throughout 2023.

What is truth?

In the context of the physical, visible or Manifest World, “truth” may be defined as the “property of being in accord with fact or reality”.  But we know that the Manifest World is only one of three worlds including the Fiery World or world of Spirit and the Subtle World or world of the Soul.

Our task is to live simultaneously within three worlds so that what rings through the Cosmos (Cosmic Bell), rings through the planet (Mount Kailash, the planetary bell) and rings through the bell within each and every one of us.

Far from being a pile of words, this truth is a rhythmic sound that pierces and shatters anything that does not resonate with its purity; and, at the same time, resurrects or restores our ancient knowing.

As we live simultaneously within the three worlds we know Truth as the realization of cosmic laws based upon direct experience.

We know when something strikes a chord and rings true within us. It’s undeniable. It’s visceral. It is always clarifying.  It bears the fragrance of synthesis. Our planet is in need of a new compass calibrated to the gorgeous Beauty of Truth.

As “listen” is an anagram of “silent” we invite deep listening in the Silence to what is ringing through and dare to give voice to the harmonising Beauty of Truth.

Immersive Meditation: Working with the Rhythmic Sound of Truth

The minute of Silence on 21 December 2022 was surrounded by “wings” of rhythmic sound with the striking of the Tibetan singing bowl either side of the minute.

In response to requests we’re making available a link to this immersive meditation.

Duration: 12 minutes and 59 seconds

Global Silent Minute’s participation in The Global Coherence Pulse

Global Silent Minute is currently participating within The Global Coherence Pulse 7 Days of Rest & Return to Essence January 1-7 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm GMT/ January 2-8 from 7:30am to 8:30 am in Australia AEDT.

On January 5 GMT/January 6 AEDT the pulse is devoted to the theme of Truth.

Register for participation: https://bit.ly/JanPulseSeries


In the Agni Yoga Teachings it is said:

“Yet the fire of the heart illumines the way of truth.
The truth of Eternity is in beauty of the spirit.
The spirit knows where beauty is”.
Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 350.



“The wings of the bird of the spirit, atremble, will soar upon the breeze of harmony.
And the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth”.
Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 181.

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