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Humanity and the Cosmos – Online Conference

Register Now for this On-Line Conference

as the Agni Yoga International Community celebrates 100 Years of Agni Yoga
and looks to the next 100 Years!
All those interested in Agni Yoga Welcome!

Registrations close on 29 September

The Italian  Community of Living Ethics is hosting the conference on 1-4 October. There are nearly 20 international speakers, 3 fascinating workshops, panel discussions and group sharing all designed to deepen our exploration of our relationship between Humanity and the Cosmos and consider the role and responsibility of humanity as we awaken to our interconnectedness with all Life.

The Conference will also provide the opportunity for the international Agni Yoga community to contribute to the larger process of research going on around the world toward the new era and the next 100 years of Agni Yoga. It offers a chance for members of different groups all around the world to interact on the future of Agni Yoga.

You can see more details of the 4-day Programme Here


The conference is being offered on a ‘gift economy’ basis meaning that you pay either whatever you feel you can afford or what you feel the event is worth in your heart.
Our intention is that no-one is excluded because of price.

Registrations close on 29 September Book now


Official languages of the conference are English and Italian, and there will be simultaneously translation of all speaker contributions into Russian and Spanish.

The conference sessions will be recorded and made available to all those who have registered for the conference as soon as possible after the session has completed so that even if the time zones don’t work fully for you, you will be able to catch up in your own time.

You are invited to take a look at the Programme and register for the conference to ensure you don’t miss any of the sessions. In this momentous time for Humanity and the planet, all conscious beings everywhere have a role to play in safeguarding the transition to the new era.


Details provided by the Agni Yoga Conference Organisation team


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