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Joy is a Special Wisdom

As we approach Christmas and a New Year, we enter a cyclic turning point. It is a time of remembering and completion, and as the cycle turns into a new moment, Time offers a fresh page for renewed inspiration. We plan family gatherings, remember old friends and, as we enter the New Year, we set new goals – perhaps a little higher up the mountain of aspiration than in the passing year. Fireworks explode in joyful exuberance dissolving the residue of past concerns in a celebration of new opportunities and shared joy. With such ethereal fire a sense of burden can fall away, and new hope may carry us upward and onward beyond any lingering concerns.

Like the archer’s arrow we can rise and soar out of the ashes of the past and perceive new vistas.

Our human experience is an integral part of the natural world where the Mother of the World holds sway. Here in Sydney the buds of Spring are opening into Summer’s new growth and the old leaves are falling away. The changing cycles highlight life expressing anew. They are the rhythmic reminder that we are not the forms we inhabit – that we are the eternal spark that lights the fire of every new endeavour and its cycle of experience. Like the archer’s arrow we can rise and soar out of the ashes of the past and perceive new vistas.

Across the deserts, seas, and mountains,
You transport yourselves in one breath.
And there, face to face, we meet.
There is no space. Time exists not.
The power of knowledge is manifested.

Is it easy to soar when you have wings?
I shall say, it is easy for those who sense their wings.
But those for whom the cup of worldliness is sweet, fly not.
Chained to their idol, their delight, whither to fly?
By experience will you learn the fruitlessness of earthly desires.
It is simple, for all things are simple.

Soar with your thoughts. Fly by affirmation.
Fly by love.
And you will realize the joy of flying.
And the gulf of life will remain far below you.
And a miracle of flaming colors will radiate near the splendor of the Southern Cross.
All is attainable.”Leaves of Morya’s Garden I 328.

The Soul reflects the divine intention, the Plan for our planetary life.

We are the eternal flame that lights each incarnation in a progression of divinely inspired appearance – the Light of the Soul. The Soul reflects the divine intention, the Plan for our planetary life. The progress of the Soul is the unfolding of that divine Plan. In the latest Kosmos Journal, an article by Nancy Seifer, titled The Soul of Humanity and the New Civilization, begins with this quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

The things we now esteem fixed shall, one by one, detach themselves like ripe fruit from our experience and fall… The Soul looketh steadily forwards, creating a world before her, leaving worlds behind her.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nancy then writes:

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, one of the names given to the soul is the Observer. It is the aspect of ourselves that allows us to step back from the turmoil of life on the material plane and see from a higher, broader perspective. What can be seen from the Soul’s perspective at this time is a dual reality unfolding simultaneously on our planet: a process of death and a process of birth…”Nancy Seifer, Kosmos Journal

From this larger viewpoint there is a constant birthing, a great unfolding of a new sense of being, breaking through the waters and the birth canal and moving beyond to flower forth in greater glory. The article concludes with this vision of the goal ahead:

In the world created by the soul of humanity, it will be evident that behind the visible universe lies an unbroken web of energy created and sustained by divine love. By mastering the will to love, we will become resonant to this higher-frequency energy and, under the guidance of beings within the spiritual kingdom, we can learn to co-create the conditions for a new civilisation on Earth. One day, if divine prophecy comes to pass and we fulfil our spiritual potential, we may become part of the Kingdom of Souls. And we may, at some time in the distant future, discover how to turn this long-suffering world into the long awaited Kingdom of God.”Nancy Seifer, Kosmos Journal See: https://www.kosmosjournal.org/

A divine impulse inspires and motivates all the creative forces through our world. Its intention beats constantly through the limitations of our as yet partial understanding and forges an ever deeper and vaster knowing through human consciousness and its expressive forms. The more we understand, the more we realize and become a conscious integral part of a greater Life.

This plan is organic. It is unfolding as the rhythm of Life expresses through us and through our world.

As we undergo the trials of experience in the material world we come to a point when the soul expresses more fully and we experience a finer point of being where surface, material events fade behind a lighted realm of loving relationship with all the diverse expressions of the Greater Life of which we are a living part. And so we are expanding in awareness, becoming more subtle in perception and more identified with a wider world that is vibrant with sentiency and interconnection. Despite all that yet holds us back, human consciousness is evolving, revealing an underlying plan. This plan is organic. It is unfolding as the rhythm of Life expresses through us and through our world. It is described in the Wisdom Teachings as:

…the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time. It will make available to every man all past achievements and knowledges, it will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him the master of that equipment and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience.”A Treatise on White Magic, page 403

Thus we may express the joy of the soul in the world and bring Joy to the World.

With the vast resources of the internet and the continual discoveries of modern science from neurology to quantum physics and the cosmos, we are realising how deeply interrelated we are and how accessible everything is – at ever more subtle levels. We can invoke the new era through choosing to live in the certainty and joy of its coming and so be a spark of the guiding light that will lead us Home into the Kingdom of Souls. Thus we may express the joy of the soul in the world and bring Joy to the World.

… We cannot often explain in words whence this joy, as a forerunner, arises but it comes to visit us on a light-winged ray of Hierarchy. Who knows from what Infinite Source sounds the call to joy? How many know that already the time of manifestation of joy has approached? But the law is immutable, and therefore joy is a special wisdom. How long ago this was said! But in spiral evolvement it gradually becomes real and comprehensible. Likewise grows the heart, and the consciousness, and fiery wisdom. We do not see how the grass grows, but we perceive the evidence of the growth. So too with the joy of achievement.”Fiery World II, sloka 258

Two thousand years ago Christ entered the world to awaken the will to love. Now, at the birth of a new era, may the promise He brought be fulfilled through us.

Let us accept love as the motive force in the expansion of consciousness. The heart will not be aflame without love; it will not be invincible, nor will it be self-sacrificing. So let us bring gratitude to every receptacle of love, for love lies on the border of the New World, where hatred and intolerance have been abolished. The path of love unfolds with the intensity of cosmic energy. So on this path everyone will find his place in the Cosmos. Not as dried leaves but as lotuses aflame will people find kinship with the Highest World.”Heart 243.

To all our readers: may the joy and peace of Christmas radiate through the heart of the New Year.

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