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Leo The Lower and Higher Lions

Three short video clips relating to Leo from William Meader. The first is a 1½-minute segment from an interview with William Meader on the lower and higher lions.

There are two kinds of lions – the everyday lion and the enlightened lion.  We want the enlightened lion to come into the field of Aquarius, and we want the enlightened Aquarian to come into the field of Leo.  The two together ensure a promising future. William Meader

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Garden Talk 2013 Ahamkara with William Meader

Ahamkara is a Sanskrit word and it represents that tendency to see and act in the world with a preoccupation with your individuality as a colouring to your perception.


Garden Talk 2013 Age of Aquarius-Leo

It’s actually a misnomer to say that we’re going into the Age of Aquarius. From another perspective, we’re going into the Age of Aquarius-Leo.

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