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Lo the Light an Infinite Land of Day

Lo! The Light, an Infinite Land of Day

…the mind is bringing to light what needs to be addressed in the world

With much in the conventional news broadcasts reflecting what is breaking down around our planet, many are looking for alternative sources to provide a more balanced view of the world. And there are many options emerging to offer it. The Positive News Magazine in the UK (www.positive.news), the Good News Network in the USA (www.goodnewsnetwork.org) and the Good News Agency based in Italy (www.goodnewsagency.org) are uplifting examples in addition to our thoughtful usage of social media. On the one hand the mind is bringing to light what needs to be addressed in the world, and, on the other, we are seeing how the human heart can bring solutions to genuine need. The mind analyses surface events but the heart senses new dimensions. One works with forms, the other radiates transformative power through form.

…energy follows thought

Our world view is formed by the sources to which we are drawn and with which we resonate. The underlying creative principle is that energy follows thought and the eye (or focus) directs that energy. We nourish our perspective on things with what we focus on. And as we expand the scope of our attention a greater picture emerges and a clearer pattern of progress can be discerned – when we look and listen more widely and deeply.

…the true knowing of the heart may seem like a distant murmur until we attune to its pulse

Our sensitivity to truth is tested and refined by the various versions of how the world is or should be. This has been apparent in the electioneering spin here in Australia over the past weeks. Each party presenting what appears to be rational substantiations for their various assessments of priority and policies to address them. Yet sometimes it seems as though our candidates are moving ideas around to stir emotional energy and draw a veil over everything other than the message they wish us to hear. In the swirl of sweeping statements, generalised criticism and emotional appeals, the true knowing of the heart may seem like a distant murmur until we attune to its pulse and so draw it to the fore. The Agni Yoga writings clarify what is at stake:

Let people become accustomed to ejecting from their lives a multitude of petty lies and to learning to apply truth to life. Nothing is as destructive as a consciously injurious distortion of reality. It disturbs the rhythm of Cosmos. The subterranean fire dominates by the counter-current of its rhythm.” Hierarchy332

…People should consider why some words and actions are persuasive, whereas others do not even touch the strings of the heart. It is the inner rhythm that convinces people and prepares them for the acceptance of what they have seen and heard. And they often will follow, without even knowing why they do it…” Supermundane 631

…Just imagine what would happen if those who know the Truth were to join in harmony and unite their thoughts. What a power would come into being here on Earth, in spite of all the pressure of the atmosphere! Whoever triumphs in spirit is already one of Our own!” Heart 21

…the flame of a new era ignites from one to another bearing the fire of love.

There is a growing recognition that our current organisational structures are struggling to serve the many needs continually being revealed in an increasingly complex society. And as we turn away and look for something new, we discover that millions of initiatives, both large and small, are addressing many genuine needs. As existing structures fail, a whole new culture of heart response is springing up – fresh flowers pushing upwards from grass roots. They may be small patches of growth here and there as yet but are spreading heart to heart as the flame of a new era ignites from one to another bearing the fire of love.

The heart radiates an invisible force that carries us through

This new culture may not be discernible in forms geared to material benefit but can be sensed wherever there is a heart-centre beating within. The heart radiates an invisible force that carries us through dire and painful circumstances to realise what we essentially hold dear. It sees into the essence of things and knows their true being however imperfectly it may reflect into the outer world. While our physical eye may see only the outer surface of things, we live amid a great play of powerful forces – invisible to our outer senses but increasingly sensed and known through our burgeoning subtle sensitivity. We are becoming attuned to the invisible world. The Tibetan explains:

What must be grasped is that all that IS is ever present. What we are concerned with is the constant awakening to that which eternally IS, and to what is ever present in the environment but of which the subject is unaware, owing to short-sightedness. The aim must be to overcome the undue concentration upon the foreground of daily life which characterises most people, the intense preoccupation with the interior states or moods of the lower self which characterises the spiritually minded people and the aspirants, and the imperviousness or lack of sensitivity which characterises the mass of men.
The Kingdom of God is present on Earth today and forever has been, but only a few, relatively speaking, are aware of its signs and manifestations. The world of subtle phenomena (called formless, because unlike the physical phenomena with which we are so familiar) is ever with us and can be seen and contacted and proved as a field for experiment and experience and activity if the mechanism of perception is developed as it surely can be. The sounds and sights of the heavenly world (as the mystics call it) are as clearly perceived by the higher initiate as are the sights and sounds of the physical plane as you contact it in your daily round of duties. The world of energies, with its streams of directed force and its centres of concentrated light is likewise present, and the eye of the see-er can see it, just as the eye of the mental clairvoyant can see the geometrical pattern which thoughts assume upon the mental plane, or as the lower psychic can contact the glamours, the illusions and delusions of the astral world.
The subjective realm is vitally more real than is the objective, once it is entered and known. It is simply …a question of the acceptance, first of all, of its existence, the development of a mechanism of contact, the cultivation of the ability to use this mechanism at will, and then inspired interpretation.” Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, page 53-4

In the light of the soul all is seen – and all is light

As hearts awaken all around our beautiful planet, they are awakening to the loving impulses flowing from the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Souls. As we attune to this greater Life we enter into our soul being which radiates through our outer embodiment. Thus we weave the bridge between the layers of our world, and Light enters in. In the light of the soul all is seen – and all is light, varying cadences of the one great light that is the light of our world. The rhythm of its life is the song of Shamballa reverberating from the centre where the will of God radiates throughout on streams of fiery love to ignite the heart in all things and draw them into the divine weave and intention for our world.

The Agni Yoga writings reveal the centrality of the light of the heart – the soul or sun at the centre of every system:

Just as the sun is the heart of the system, the human heart is the sun of the organism. There are many sun-hearts, and the Universe represents a system of hearts; that is why the cult of Light is the cult of the heart. To understand this abstractly means to leave the heart out in the cold; but as soon as the Light of the sun-heart comes alive, the need for the magnet’s warmth will make it shine forth like a true sun. … You can look upon the rhythm of the heart as the rhythm of life. The Teaching about the Heart is as bright as the sun, and the warmth of the heart speeds as swiftly as a sunbeam. Everyone has felt astonishment at how a ray of the rising sun can instantly insulate everything from the cold. The heart can do the very same thing!
I am speaking of the warmth of the heart now that it is especially necessary. A thought surging forth in aspiration sets space on fire, while the warmth of the heart is a constant hearth. Courage dwells in the warmth of the heart—remember this! The manifestation of the dark forces acts like frost on a sown field. Only the heart’s warmth provides a radiant shield. ….” Heart 62

Into my heart’s night
Along a narrow way
I groped; and lo! the light,
An infinite land of day. ~ Rumi

* * * * * *

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  1. So good to read and feel this deep commitment and understanding . I like the convergence of all the pieces pulled together to
    Illustrate the new humanity taking firm. Thank you and much love

    • mm

      Lovely to hear from you, dear Nina! Thank you for your heartening comment.
      Trusting all goes ell with your service work – You are an inspiration.
      Much love,

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