Saturday , 31 July 2021
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Directions to Sydney Goodwill Office

Address:  Level 2, 257 Broadway, GLEBE NSW 2037  Telephone: +61 2 9566 2708

There are two entrances to our Glebe office:

  1. Via 257 Broadway, GLEBE NSW 2037 (downstairs)
  2. And from the rear at 15 Grose Street (upstairs)

1. Entrance at 257 Broadway

The entry level is level 3. We are on Level 2 which is downstairs from Broadway.

To access the downward stairs:

  1. Go through the small foyer to just past the upward staircase on the right.
  2. Straight ahead is the entrance and counter for Fixpod.
  3. On the right is a door beneath the upwards staircase – this opens onto the downwards stairs.
  4. Go down these stairs and you will come out into level 2 – the office of Sydney Goodwill

2. Entrance at 15 Grose Street


  • At 15 and 16 Grose Street, the buildings are recessed behind car-parking spaces.
  • Our building (15 Grose St / 257 Broadway) is on the left of a dividing wire fence.
  • The entry level at Grose Street is level 1. We are on Level 2, which is upstairs from Grose Street.

To access the entrance at 15 Grose Street:

  1. Go through the car-parking space to the rear wall of the building.
  2. The door on the left hand side leads to stairs up to level 2.
  3. Go through this door and up the stairs to level 2 – the office of Sydney Goodwill.
  • Grose Street is a one-way street entered from Bay Street.
  • 15 Grose Street is on the left hand side.
  • On the right hand side, just before 15 Grose Street, is an entrance to the car-park of the Broadway Shopping Mall. Parking here is free for the first 2 hours and $5 for the next hour.

 downloadDownload a hand-drawn map showing both entrances (pdf)


  1. Hello Sydney Goodwill,
    I sent a cheque donation to PO Box 627, Caringbah which has been returned.

    Do you have a new PO Box address or do I re- send to
    Level 2, 257 Broadway, GLEBE NSW 2037 .

    Thanks and have a great day


    • Dear Julie,
      Thank you for your generous support for the work! Yes – please send to our address in Broadway. It will be very welcome – as you know we exist on donation and volunteer effort only.
      Sorry you had this trouble…
      in loving service,

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