Tuesday , 9 July 2024
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Mandala Messages ~ Spiritus

(3:01min)   Mandala Messages:  Spiritus – Monadic Media

Spirit is unconditional consciousness. It is formless and permanent.

This delightful 3-minute presentation on the nature of Spirit, beautifully described as being the throne of pure consciousness above the seat of the Soul. Although Spirit and Soul are often considered to be the same, from an esoteric perspective, they are different. The Soul is embodied Spirit, or conditioned consciousness, which provides the means used for the journey back to Spirit out of matter. Spirit on the other hand is unconditional consciousness, which is formless and permanent. It is Spirit that facilitates the merging together of the body, mind and soul into a conscious union. Although a conditioned body and mind are clearly mortal, the Soul is relatively permanent but dissolves as its mission of full awareness returns to Spirit; however Spirit itself is radiantly immortal!

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