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Nicholas Roerich Signs of Christ

Illumination, II:V:5.
The Star of Allahabad pointed out the way. And so We visited Sarnath and Gaya. Everywhere We found the desecration of religion. On the way back, under the full moon, occurred the memorable saying of Christ.

During the night march the guide lost his way. After some seeking I found Christ seated upon a sand mound looking at the sands flooded by moonlight. I said to Him, “We have lost the way. We must await the indication of the stars.”

“Rossul M., what is a way to Us, when the whole world is awaiting Us?”

Then, taking His bamboo staff, He traced a square around the impression of His foot, saying “Verily, by human feet.”

And making the impression of His palm, He surrounded it also with a square. “Verily, by human hands.”

Between the squares He drew the semblance of a pillar surmounted by an arc. He said: “O how Aum shall penetrate into the human consciousness! Here I have drawn a pistil and above it an arc, and have set the foundation in four directions. When by human feet and human hands the Temple will be built wherein will blossom the pistil laid by Me, then let the Builders pass by My Way. Why should We await the way, when it is before Us?”

Then, rising, He effaced with His cane all that He had drawn.

“When the Name of the Temple will be pronounced, then shall the inscription emerge. In remembrance of My constellation, the square and nine stars shall glow over the Temple. The sign of the foot and the hand shall be inscribed above the Cornerstone.”

Thus He Himself spoke of the eve of the new moon.

And the heat of the desert was great.

The Star of the Morning is the sign of the Great Epoch which will flash as the first ray from the Teaching of Christ. For who is to extol the Mother of the World if not Christ, the One so demeaned by the world.

Give Us the Arch of the Dome, wherein to enter.

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