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November 2016 Supermoon Biggest In A Lifetime

This 3½ minute NASA video explains why the Full Moon on November 14th will be bigger and much brighter than usual.

Watch the rising moon

The best time to watch the supermoon is when it is rising. On Monday November 14th at dusk, head to an east-facing beach, or to the top of a hill or mountain with uninterrupted views to the east.

Perry Vlahos, the vice-president of the Astronomical Society of Victoria, said “In Sydney, any of the beaches facing towards the east, like Manly or Bondi, would be good. In Melbourne, it would be a beach on the western side of Port Phillip Bay.”

“If you’re in the city, get on top of the highest building that you can.” he said.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article here.

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  1. As Judy explained, “It must be significant that this trio of “super-moons” is the last before 2034 …9 years before and 9 years after 2025, the time of the Hierarchical conclave.

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