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ONExDANCE: Li Cunxin at TEDxBrisbane

19-minute TED talk. Li Cunxin (pronounced shwin-sing) is Queensland Ballet’s Artistic Director. Having lived an extraordinary life, in 2003 Li published his international best-selling autobiography Mao’s Last Dancer, which has received numerous awards. The book was adapted as a feature film in 2009.

In this talk, Li speaks of his background and ends saying that a “strong value-oriented, generous, courageous family unit is the bedrock of a wonderful society”.  He says we must practice right human relations before we can think to make the world a better place.

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Li Cunxin (pronounced “Lee Schwin Sing”) is a remarkable man borne of a remarkable story. He has published a remarkable book about his extraordinary life. In his runaway best selling autobiography, “Mao’s Last Dancer”, Li recounts his determination, perseverance, vision, courage and hard work, and in particular, the sacred family values and integrity that he learned in poverty-stricken China, which has driven him to become one of the best dancers in the world. He tells of how the sixth of seven sons born to peasants grew up worshipping Mao Zedong before defecting to the United


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