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Pam Gregory on Themes for 2022

In this 37-minute video, Pam Gregory outlines some of the the bigger picture – the big themes – that we’re going to be seeing in 2022 which is such a different year energetically to the last two.

Cultivate your own joy

Cultivate your own joy, cultivate living from the heart whatever the outer circumstances are, and that is a way that you will be greeted to a matching reality to the predominant frequency that you’re broadcasting… we use our thoughts and our emotions to activate and literally feed the future in every moment.

Green shoots of the New Earth

We will see more green shoots of new earth in 2022 than we have in 2021; but the more you are on the frequency of creating new earth and that’s where your focus is to create the new rather than just watch the drama of the old, the more you are going to see those green shoots.

Massive change

We are entering a period of massive change not only globally but very specifically for the US, and I mention this because whatever happens in the US particularly to do with power structures is going to ripple and ricochet across the rest of the world too.”

“We’re moving to a much more heart-based consciousness.”

“There is more light on the earth right now than we have ever had before which is what is causing the destabilization.”

“Make your decisions super conscious. Stay on your eagle’s perch; step back, be the observer and think “What is it that I want to create in my world that will not only benefit me but benefit many others around me?” Remember how much light is on this planet right now. It’s an incredible opportunity for the evolution of humanity.”Pam Gregory

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