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sun in sagittarius full moon in gemini

Sagittarius Sun Gemini Full Moon 2018

Actual Full Moon: Friday 23rd November 4:39 pm AEST

The great planet Jupiter, known in ancient Roman times as the ruler of the Gods, has recently moved into Sagittarius. It is there that it is said to be most at home traditionally, as it rules Sagittarius. It will spend over a year there, heightening the energy of Sagittarius for that time before moving into Capricorn.

It would be interesting to note if you went through and thought about each time in your life (roughly every 12 years) that Jupiter went through Sagittarius. I think you would see, as I did upon reflection, that they were years of much learning and wisdom being wrought out, in the fire of living. I think you will also see that they were precursors, years spent in living and learning which led to a new cycle forming. Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, so in essence, it is a 12-year cycle. In saying that, we are talking about a greater cycle and not just your own cycle. The greater life’s cycle and how we all fit into that.

Sagittarians are very much the visionaries. With their arrow pointed forward and ever upward, they desire and yearn to see the current vision. They are searchers of truth and try to live their lives that way, following the arrow as it is loosed towards something ahead of them, ever searching for it. The higher mantram for this sign – ‘I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another’. Once the vision in front or the object of that desire is reached, the lessons and the knowledge of the pursuit turn into wisdom, then the next goal is seen….

We all sense that we are at a critical point in our evolution as a Human race. We cannot deny certain factors of our current lifestyles. The impact of the internet and social media has brought every facet of the globe into our homes, computers and smartphones. We cannot remain ignorant any longer, turning a blind eye while the ecosystem around us is turning into a giant waste tip. It is no longer a case of something will give, it already has. The question for us all is what will it cost before we wake up and change the way we live.

A new vision is needed, regardless of those who will deny to the end, because they either are not consciously aware or because they benefit in turn from the way things are. Sagittarius can definitely help us sense this. If we use the current energies, as the Sun passes through Sagittarius and with Jupiter also there, I think we can perhaps perceive and interpret a vision for a greater life emerging and also how we will play a part in that through our own individual lives.

Interestingly, the Earth itself is said to rule Sagittarius on the Esoteric/Soul level. This gives this fiery sign a deep and profound connection to the Earth. As we live here in a physical body on this planet, I think we can utilise this connection to come to a better understanding of living here. To do this, however, we must access the higher potential of Sagittarius, through the Soul quality it offers.

During the Sagittarius period every year, there is a strong emphasis on being social with parties for both Christmas and the end of the working year. Excess can be common. This shows the lower mantram for this sign ‘Let food be sought’. Perhaps no other lower mantram perfectly sums up a sign’s less positive qualities than this one. Having everything offered will be a theme, especially heightened with Jupiter in Sagittarius, so look to be selective and point that arrow to loftier ideals….

Astrology is about reading the energetic layout of the current field we are surrounded by and flowing with it. At times there will be opportunities to move forward with something, then it closes and a process of withdrawal or anchoring might be necessary. At other times, circumstances will present which will be out of our control as there are bigger forces that are at play. Yes, we are definitely part of it, but our part is just part of a collective whole.

Any way you look at it, maximising what you do or don’t do, when the time is right, is an important step in our becoming more conscious light-beings. As our sense of the subtle realms intensifies and we begin to be more open and aware of what is flowing through life at any given moment, we will see what life really is. This is Truth! Sagittarius can help us see truth and open our minds and hearts to a greater vision…….


Upon looking at the chart at the exact time of the Full Moon, a few things seem to present themselves. From our view here in the Southern hemisphere, nearly all the planetary bodies are above the horizon. This will mean an expressive energy, very much in line with the outgoing fire of Sagittarius. Look to get out there and shine your light.

Venus has stopped retrograding so it will be easier to show and express your love. Uranus is in opposition though and both the nodes are squared, forming one big grand cross.  This might well mean that we will have to weigh up and think carefully about what we love and value and how this will be moving forward into the new emerging era. The past happenings will perhaps want to keep us there where it is supposedly safe whilst we are both excited yet understandably worried about the future. Letting go of old past issues, long held onto, will be paramount.

The Sun will be very close to Jupiter during the Full Moon. It will be there for a week or thereabouts, with Jupiter expanding its energy and focus. At the exact time of the Full Moon, they will both be in the 8th house that is traditionally associated with Scorpio. The 8th house is associated with many things, but one of the major attributes is transformation.

I sense a great purging going on around us, as many people have found with sickness and despair. It is literally like we are releasing so many things that we have held on to for lifetimes, letting them go. This has been exacerbated in Scorpio, ruled by the Phoenix. Now as the Sun enters Sagittarius, we are more free and lighter to walk the Path, as symbolised by the arrow. Add Jupiter to expand that and we have double the effect.

Both Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn currently and will be present in the 9th house (coloured by Sagittarius) at the time of the Full Moon. Being responsible for higher learning, being aware of intuitive teachings through workshops, meditations, travel or life events could be very rewarding. Being disciplined with this is important, staying committed to and honouring higher commitments will pay off.

The Moon itself will be in Gemini. Gemini Moons are double-edged, literally. As the feeling apparatus that we possess (we have emotions but are not our emotions) goes into Gemini, we can literally change emotional states in a second (I know as I am a Gemini Moon). There are pros and cons to this. Being able to adapt and change quickly and effortlessly allows you to not get caught up if there is something going on that challenges you mentally. Gemini moons also allow a more mental approach to emotions, allowing you to think things through and analyse more. The downside is Gemini can be very restless and also two-faced as the twins present one side yet are feeling another. Being honest (Sagittarius) and speaking the truth is important.

The Ascendant and ruler of this chart is Aries, making this a pretty potent and fiery chart. This is coupled with the fact that this Full Moon is in the very early stages of Sagittarius and we will still be very much in the crossover of Scorpio, making this a chart for the warrior. Standing there with arrows cocked and ready to fire, ready to battle with something for a higher cause (or the lower parts of our inner being), will perhaps be a theme.

What’s the old saying? ‘Be careful playing with fire’! In saying that it is an important part of life, learning to deal with potent energies, especially in the new Era. As always, the opportunities are there….

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Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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