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Sagittarius Sun Gemini Full Moon

As we move into late November and into December, there is a noted change away from the energy of Scorpio. The intense energy of psychic expression, themes of power, death and resurrection and a general deep watered emotional expression are replaced with the fire of Sagittarius. Amongst the burning rubble and the removal of the dross surrounding the very things that obscure our vision, the fire of Sagittarius burns through, clearing the way for the truth of spirit to pour through.

If we look through the different time periods for the month of Sagittarius, we could notice that during the crossover of the energies of Scorpio and Sagittarius, fire meets water and the result is often steam or hot water. That is an intense period and the end of November always seems to go up a gear in its level of fire expression, backed with the still lingering powerful gaze of the phoenix. To me it is like a bush fire after a lightning storm, the effect is powerful yet cleansing. The lightning can cause a bushfire and this can be terrifying, as the fire burns through all the dead wood and grass. Yet the bush always grows back renewed – cleansed completely – with a return to the natural blueprint existing in its very DNA. Fire is the true source of renewal, allowing complete and utter change.

The second period of the time of Sagittarius, from early December through to about the 10th of December, is where perhaps the true essence of Sagittarius is expressed. Free from the remnants of Scorpio and not quite nearing the mountain climbing in Capricorn, Sagittarius energy is given true expression. People born throughout this time are often the most in tune with the free expression of the centaur. Travel, searching for truth, activity, this is perhaps the most expansive time period, where we are all given time to expand our horizons and our thinking. Many Christmas parties are held throughout this time, celebrating and enjoying life, fun and goodwill. Symbolically, this period is represented by the flat plains, as the arrow leads one forward, straight and true, along the path.

The last period of the Sun’s sojourn through Sagittarius, leading from early December to mid-December, brings a change in energy again. Those born through this period become more and more influenced by Capricorn. They take on more of a seriousness and find more expression in work and authority, having less need for pure exploration. This is where fire meets earth. There is a slowing down of the need for fire expression, as it burn’s out and focusses more, channelling the vision seen and felt during the journey through the flat plains. Now the Mountain is seen and heard and the disciple heads forth to the foot of the mountain, ready to begin the climb for the coming year, on behalf of themselves or a greater vision sensed.

The higher mantram for Sagittarius is “I see a goal, I reach that goal and then I see another”. The archer has many bows in their quiver, aiming and shooting them outwardly to all that crosses their path. As they evolve, their need to shoot an arrow at all they see lessens, and their ability to focus on something gets stronger. Evolved Sagittarius energy is very determined, as it sees the vision and has a relentless desire to search for the truth and then reveal it, being the teachers that they are. Many things are sensed throughout this time of year, visions are seen and heard. It is a great time to really channel the one-pointed focus that Sagittarius brings, especially when that is on behalf of our higher selves and also for the benefit of something that is more than ourselves……..

The chart for this full moon represents quite an internal and reflective period, with most planets on the eastern quadrants. Coupled with the energy of Sagittarius, this will make it a very good time for deep reflection and philosophical thinking. The symbol of Sagittarius is the arrow, pointed ever upwards in search of a portion of truth, for that time. The energy of the moment will very much encourage that thinking and reflecting.

The Sun at the time of the full moon will be in the 10th house of public expression, making work and public affairs an importance. With that deep reflection mentioned above though, this will make an interesting dynamic. Time for leaders and all of us to show poise publicly, showing the ability to think through on a subject and weigh up an action, seeing through on a subject and searching for the truth, before committing fully and then acting accordingly.

Saturn comes into the mix with this as it is conjunct the Sun, putting its big fatherly arms on top of our shoulders and reminding us of our responsibilities. I mentioned a while back that Saturn moving into Sagittarius was a great time for us to have structure and commitment to our learning for the next two and a half years. Saturn is unemotional, it works in a debit/credit system like a bank and it takes its dues but also rewards with interest when in credit. You cannot escape it, it is the lord of Karma. It will give you access to the higher realms but you can only go through to those realms through it. We can use the full amazing energy of Sagittarius this time period but Saturn will remind us of our responsibilities. If we do our best in all situations, what more can it ask……

Chiron squares the Sun in this chart. The wounded healer in Pisces in the first house, making a personality focus on the self or a Soul purpose to others, depending on where we are at. The need to express in a Sagittarian way squaring a deep emotional or spiritual wound for the self is the theme playing out here. On the lower level it will play out as the seeds of doubt that we are not good enough or not worthy, on a higher level that a people or a nation are not good enough or equal. Being a square just means it is a challenge to overcome. Look what can happen though with the power of Human spirit, we do not need to look further than standing rock to see the power of truth, vision and determination and what it can achieve when motivated by a higher purpose.

The moon itself in in Gemini, making it a detached Air moon. Watch emotions that can change quicker than a mercurial Gemini changing their minds or an action. It is located in the 4th house of family, so it will be a good time for emotions to be spoken about.  The by-product here is that with the lead into Christmas and the inevitable family feuds resulting, it’s a chance to communicate in a better way. Of course that same freedom can bring its downfall, as emotions can be spoken all too readily, but the half glass full approach here is more worthy. On a higher note, for those in touch with those on the inner side, it will be a great time for clearer communication with their ashrams.

The ascendant for this Chart, with all of its universal watery brilliance, is Pisces. With the south node, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces in the first house, plus Pisces on the ascendant, it could well be a very spiritual time. I see it playing out in a number of ways, with those caught up in the personality being quite emotional and having a very reflective and introspecting period within themselves. It would be a great time to slow down if possible and go deep within, meditating and seeking oneness with the own self and being and using any excess emotion as an ability to learn and grow and see another vision outside of themselves.

For those who are feeling a higher call, the energy of the Christ will make an impact in an ever increasing way, right down through the Soul and out into our own outer public expression. The quiet reflective period around the outer field will magnetize and open the inner ability to perceive and see the truth of life around us and how things really are, once we see though the illusion and glamour abounding. Soak in the embrace as we all move closer to a world where we are all truly one…..

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