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sun in sagittarius

Sagittarius Sun – Gemini Moon

Searching for Truth

As we get close to the end of another calendar year, the energy shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius. We move from one that is a fixed, intense water sign, to one that is mutable fire and can change and adapt as the mind searches for answers to truths.

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac, and is the only sign that combines both a man and an animal as part of its representation, in the form of a centaur. The man is of course holding a bow and arrow, and as the arrow is always pointing upward, this could be considered as symbolic of the search of Sagittarius for the answers of creation.

A great teaching sign

The higher mantram for Sagittarius is “I see the goal, I reach that goal and then I see another”. Sagittarius brings in the energy of both determination and one-pointed focus to a goal. Once a goal is reached and attained, and the necessary understanding has been gleaned from the search, a new vision is seen, a new goal, a new truth to be explored and understood. Sagittarius is then off in pursuit, with mind open to gaining all the knowledge and wisdom that can to be passed onto others at some stage, as it is one of the great teaching signs.

For humanity, this usually means that when the Sun is in Sagittarius, it receives, and hopefully understands, great teachings at this time of the year…
Our journey between the valley and the mountain

One of the most important aspects of Sagittarius is where it sits on the astrology wheel. Nestled between Scorpio and Capricorn, its symbolism is paramount when talking about growing and evolving on the path. Scorpio is linked with the valley experience, where at some stage in a soul’s evolution, it will look deep inside itself and bring all lower aspects to the surface for release and purging. On the other side of Sagittarius, we have Capricorn, which represents the complete opposite to the valley experience, with its being the mountain experience. Here the mountain of spiritual attainment, the goal of enlightenment and at-onement with our soul is sought, climbing the mountain through trials of challenge.

jupiter earth comparison
Jupiter Earth comparison (NASA)

In between both of these signs is Sagittarius, ruling the flat plains between the valley and the mountain. After an intense, personal and often emotional, inward search in Scorpio, there is needed time for understanding and evaluation, which, coupled with the understanding of the mind, is found on the flats between. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which lends all of its wisdom to this, bringing in more spiritual understanding and lofty ideas. And whilst we journey between the valley and the mountain, we have the perfect animal to take us there, a horse, which can run all day. The horse’s strong frame can lead us right to the mountain, allowing us the time to really focus on the search, on the arrow of understanding.

Of course, with Jupiter’s optimism this all seems good, and Jupiter very much influences Sagittarius on the traditional level. Jupiter is known for its wise understanding, plus it very much rules religion and higher understanding. Jupiter also rules excess. Just like the massive gas expanding planet it is, it can exaggerate things it touches and influences, whether that be a thought or often a belief or set of beliefs.

Sagittarius gives us the opportunity to overcome our lower nature
The whole story of Sagittarius is one of the struggle between the lower nature and the higher, represented by being half an animal and half a man.

An interesting thought here as well is to consider the lower mantram for Sagittarius, which is “Let food be sought”. On the surface this almost seems funny, but on closer reflection, it is very symbolic. The whole story of Sagittarius is one of the struggle between the lower nature and the higher, represented by being half an animal and half a man. In Sagittarius we have the opportunity to tame and control our lower animal nature, our desire nature. To do this we must bring in the energy of the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, which happens to be the earth. On the soul level, Sagittarius is ruled by the earth, the very planet we live and have our physical body on. Understanding this is perhaps key for us to know how to overcome our lower nature and move ourselves toward the mountain of spiritual understanding, this being for us on a personal level but perhaps more importantly, on the humanitarian level…

Expressions of God, religion, the universe, healing and Christ-filled love

The chart at the time of the full moon is an interesting one. The sun is obviously in Sagittarius, where it joins Saturn. Also the planets of Mercury and Vulcan, never far from the sun, are in Sagittarius. This build-up of planets is squaring Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is said to rule spirit, the unknown, the universal and some believe that it is the planet most associated with the Christ. Being in Pisces, the last of the astrological signs on the reversed wheel and the way for us back home to our source, it is in a strong expressive position. Neptune is said to rule Pisces on the traditional level, so whilst it is there for the next 10 years, it will strongly emphasize expressions of God, religion, the universe, healing and Christ filled love.

Neptune squaring Saturn: a major contributor to current issues

With Neptune squaring Saturn and also currently the sun and the planets that surround it, it could well be one of the major contributors of the current issues going on at the moment. Saturn is called the Lord of Karma, is restrictive in its nature and expects a level of responsibility and adherence to structure. Put with the energy of Sagittarius, which brings in a search for higher ideals, higher learning and answers to life, we have a commitment to learning about what life is about, where are we going, taking responsibility for our actions and having a better understanding of that. Sagittarius can definitely bring in energy of strong opinion though, as with the arrow of focus and determination, there can be a line of thinking that one way is right, to the exclusion of others.

11th house of groups and causes

The square of Saturn with Neptune brings in the challenge of higher understanding and commitment to an ideal or set of ideals with that of one of past sets of beliefs and structures. The sun moving through this aspect with Mercury and Vulcan in tow only highlights this fact, bringing in the sense of attention needed to it, a magnification of it. At the time of the full moon, it is in the 11th house of groups and causes, so maybe things might still intensify more.

One does get the sense that this is almost the last hurrah of the old Piscean ways of living. Once Neptune moves into Aries and out of Pisces, which will be around 2025, we could well see the full emergence of the new Aquarian way of living…

Moon in Gemini: a good time for emotional expression

The moon is in Gemini when it is at its fullest. Gemini is an air sign, and brings a sense of detachment to the emotions. Gemini is symbolised by the twins, so expect changing levels of emotional expression, as the twins influence our emotional state if we allow it. This is a good time for emotional expression, with Gemini definitely a sign that encourages communication. If we use this energy well, there could be much needed discussion on many things needing communication, which of course is a good thing. It is opposite the sun in Sagittarius though, so strong opinions need to be softened to allow full considering of both sides. The best thing about Gemini is that there is an emphasis on fact, which will help in any types of communication.

Capricorn the ascendant – a sense of earthiness and grounding

Overseeing this chart, on the ascendant, is Capricorn. This will bring a sense of earthiness and grounding to all the energy of higher thought and ideals looking for expression. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn on the esoteric level, bringing in Saturn and the surrounding planets in Sagittarius in the 11th house even more strongly. Maybe it’s best when thinking of this to just remember the higher mantram of Capricorn “Lost am I in light supernal, but on that light I turn my back”. We continue to face challenging times and there is much work to do.

Let’s use the energy of Sagittarius to develop a vision for us all, one that is fair and can see us in the future living in peace and in harmony with the earth and with all who reside here.

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