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Serendipitous Koala Rescue

1-minute video clip. As reported in the Guardian Tuesday 29 August 2017:

La Trobe University Bendigo student Kirra Coventry filmed her group of outdoor and environmental education classmates helping a koala that had become stranded by rapidly rising water in the Murray river.

The students were learning to be river guides when they saw the koala on the edge of Ulupna Island. The students told associate lecturer Chris Townsend it was low in a tree and seemed to be trying to find dry land.

They pushed an empty canoe out to it and it climbed aboard, took a seat, then disembarked once it reached shore, where it had a lengthy drink.

Townsend said koalas, which are considered a vulnerable species in parts of Australia, were relocated to river islands like Ulupna in the late 1980s and there was now a healthy population there. ‘Koalas are very, very fussy about the trees they will feed in and live in,’ he said. ‘Obviously leading up to this it had found the perfect tree, but I think the floodwaters came up a little bit quickly and it didn’t have time to get down’

From the Agni Yoga series:

“Urusvati is aware that the Great Teachers converse with animals. The Great Pilgrim was remarkable in this respect also. One should understand such contact with the animal kingdom. Although human beings do not pay much attention to animal sounds, they can understand them, since psychic energy can contact its equivalent energy in animals and thus create a bridge of understanding.

An absence of fear and anger is needed on both sides. In addition, there must be truth and good will, for to pretend in these cases is impossible. Cowards may claim to have courage, and the cruel can pretend to be kind, but then the natural bond between the worlds will not exist because the living creatures will have lost their mutual trust and there will be no communication. Nowadays it is considered a great rarity when animals of different types can live together. When people approach animals with a doubting attitude there can be no mutual understanding.

If one could see how the Great Teacher related to animals and birds, one would be convinced of the living bond between the kingdoms. He could call a bird to alight on His arm and then send it in a particular direction, or calm an animal simply by a mental suggestion of calmness. The old legends tell us that sick animals would come to Him to be healed, and many true examples could be cited.

Verily, the Teacher had the right to call the animals His smaller brothers. There was nothing contrived or forced in these communications. Nor was it a relationship of master and slave, but simply cooperation between man and animal.”  [Supermundane, 154.]

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