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'Signs of Christ' painting by Nicholas Roerich 1924
'Signs of Christ' - painting by Nicholas Roerich 1924

Signs of Christ

He planted the seeds of a new world in the human heart.

At this time of year many around the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of One who, by taking human form, brought something new into the world: a full embodiment of the inherent divinity in us all, and the revelatory demonstration that Life is eternal, and is imbued with abiding love and clarifying light. Even though persecuted by those who felt threatened by His revelations and largely misunderstood by those who followed Him, He planted the seeds of a new world in the human heart. These seeds have been quietly gestating over the millennia and coming to birth here and there, bringing a growing vision of the reality awaiting those who can see. They are now beginning to flower in hearts around the world.

With the widening gap between the compassion of the awakening human heart and the destructive impact of those pursuing personal power, an expanding realisation is emerging and spreading throughout the world. It is nourished by the divine spark within us as it radiates through the heart and inspire us to serve the good of all.

As we celebrate Christmas, we might reflect on the human potential which Christ exemplified.

Throughout history enlightened teachers have come into human form to embody and demonstrate the synthesis of being through all dimensions and their Presence has stimulated the evolutionary progress of human consciousness. We are now approaching the time when we can begin to fulfill our destined role as the conscious bridge between the human and divine, the manifest and subtle, the visible and invisible. As we celebrate Christmas, we might reflect on the human potential which Christ exemplified. He taught about this potential, and foretold humanity’s role in the future of the world as recorded in this account:

… I found Christ seated upon a mound of sand. He was looking on as the moonlight poured onto the sands.

‘We have lost the way,’ I told Him. ‘We have to wait and find out the positions of the stars.’

‘Rasul Morya, why should We bother about the way, when the entire world is waiting for Us?’ Then, taking His bamboo staff He traced a square around His footprint and said, ‘Truly, by human feet.’ And having made an impression with His palm, He enclosed it in a square. ‘Truly, by human hands.’

Between the squares He drew what looked like a pillar crowned with an arc. He said: ‘Oh, how Aum will penetrate the human consciousness! Here I have drawn a pistil with an arc above it, and have laid the foundation in four directions. When the Temple is built by human feet and human hands—the Temple where the pistil placed by Me will blossom—then may the builders walk My path. Why wait for a path, when the path is before Us?’ And standing up, He erased with His staff everything that He had drawn.

‘When the Name of the Temple is uttered, this image shall appear. As a reminder of My constellation, a square and nine stars shall shine above the Temple. The sign of the foot and the hand shall be inscribed on the cornerstone.’ That is what He Himself said on the eve of the new moon. The heat of the desert was great.

The Star of the Morning is a sign of the Great Epoch, the first ray of which will flash forth from the Teaching of Christ; for who is to glorify the Mother of the World if not Christ, He who was belittled by the world?

Give Us the arch of the Vault through which to enter!” from Leaves of Morya’s Garden II 153.

Since that moment in the desert 2,000 years ago, the spirit of Christ has continued to spread and to shine through more and more hearts around the world.

The Spirit of Christ breathes across the desert of life.

Like a spring It wears Its way through the solid rocks.

In the milky firmament It radiates in lights beyond counting, and rises upward in the stem of every flower.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I 72.

When we peel away all differences of form and appearance, we come to that essential essence and spirit we share. There we find a new simplicity of being, untroubled by passing vicissitudes, and knowing what endures in every heart:

… with simplicity you can build the most magnificent temple.

Simplicity, beauty, and fearlessness—Christ and the Buddha spoke of nothing more. And it is a blessing if the spirit thrills to these teachings.

… It was said so simply: “Pray in no way but in spirit.”

The Buddha passed through life peacefully—and people forgot Him. Christ suffered—and people forgot Him. … People, rummage among your rags! Somewhere there is a white garment ready for everyone. …” Leaves of Morya’s Garden II 132.

Every action has eventual response

The poet, Christopher Fry, reminded us that “Affairs are now soul size”. Watching events throughout our world we can see that this also means “whole size”. As we become increasingly interconnected through global issues and the international media that reports them, we are realising the effect of every thought, word and deed as it reverberates through the whole, passing through global information systems, personal conversation, from one receptive individual to another in a constant movement of thought currents that eventuate into active effects. Every action has eventual response and as our perspective widens the link between action and reaction becomes clearer and shorter. Thus, Life guides us towards the essential world of causes where the spiritual law of attraction and reciprocity governs all connections, interconnections and the flow of life through the whole.

World-scale thought communicates a world-scale decision, and the construction of the New Country can only take place in understanding on a world scale.

Are We really in need of eloquence? A path that proceeds by the contact of the spirit is far more powerful. When one sees how a single gesture leads to important decisions, then it becomes clear that the value of words lies in their inner essence, not in their quantity or external form.

People need to speak still more concisely. … The Teaching of Christ could be written on the palm of one hand. Leaves of Morya’s Garden II 175.

Let us project arrows of thought into the destined future and hold to the lifeline of their trajectory into the world of the heart.

Much of the world’s troubles arise from a limited perspective and can lead to reactive response and a habit of “crisis management” that fails to address cause. When consciousness and identity expand into our whole being centred in the divine spark within, we see with greater clarity through time and space without the illusion of separation – as Christ demonstrated and taught so long ago. This perspective of the whole releases us from the pressure of the immediate and we enter the flow of life’s direction towards its intended future and so fulfill our destined role. Let us project arrows of thought into the destined future and hold to the lifeline of their trajectory into the world of the heart.

“Affairs are now soul size.

The enterprise

Is exploration into God.”

~ from A Sleep of Prisoners by Christopher Fry


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