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sun in leo

Sun in Leo Moon in Aquarius

The Sun is  the biggest object in our sky, the giver of life on Earth. It is the star which reaches out with its influence and gravitational hold for billions of kilometres to the end of our solar system; it holds Pluto within its reach, and rules the constellation of Leo, the lion.

Leo is part of the new age

Leo is very much part of the new age, and in Esoteric terms, is closely related to Sirius, the most observable star in our sky after the Sun and one that holds a special influence on Humanity. Leo is fixed fire, meaning its fire is contained with determined focus and drive. Whereas Aries can burn brightly and then leave, and Sagittarius uses its fire on many things due to its mutability, Leo uses the element of fire in a much more fixed style. It is almost like the Sun, blazing away in its brilliance – observable, immovable and influential.

You always know when you have met evolved beings with strong Leo in their chart – they light up your world and those around them. They have an innate way of making you feel like the centre of the universe, a shining star. They can add light to yours, feeding your brightness, expelling the darkness, bringing in illumination.

Things are not hidden

So as Humanity looks forward to the period of the year where the Sun feels at home in Leo, at least on a monthly cycle, what can we look forward to? For one, things are generally not hidden. The illumination of Leo is for everyone to see, not hidden in the shadows. Likewise it is definitely a time for strong leadership, as Leo is associated with being the king. Leo is also very social, so expect increased activity after our time with the influence of Cancer.

We are one and the same

I am that and that am I

The higher mantra for Leo is “I am that and that am I“, meaning we are one and the same. We are observers of the brilliance of the universe and yet, we are the brilliance of the universe, one and the same. Hence why in Leo, we can see and observe the Sun’s illumination and brilliance, but without us, why would it exist? A king is only a king for his people, and without them, why does he exist…..

A good time for personal expression

Looking at the chart at the time of the full moon suggests some major creative expression. There is a stellium (group) of personal planets plus Jupiter in Cancer, Leo and Virgo, in and around the 5th house, traditionally ruled by Leo. The 5th house rules creation, children, expression, so it would lead one to believe that at the time of the full moon, it will be a good time for personal expression, but an expression which could assist with illuminating not only others, but Humanity. Having Jupiter and the Sun in the same sign at the time of a full moon only happens once a year and considering it’s Leo, we should make the most of it. Jupiter will bring its blessing and wisdom into our more personal self (Leo) for only a little longer, so perhaps look to make the most of this full moon period to make wise decisions and exact strong personal leadership over oneself, to eventually assist in illuminating others.

This can be done in new creative ways, as it is supported by a trine to Uranus in Aries. New creative change could be the theme here, but how we manage it will be interesting. Squaring Uranus is Mars in Cancer. Mars generally does not feel at home in the watery Cancer, so our drive could be blocked with an over sensitive nature and feeling state.

Detachment and decentralisation

The moon is obviously in Aquarius. Interestingly on the highest Hierarchical level, a level which as of yet most of us do not understand or really comprehend, Aquarius rules the moon. Even though this is beyond our ken as of now, we do know the effects of an Aquarius moon. The cool air of Aquarius lends its influence to the moon, allowing a detachment to emotions. In essence you could say that Aquarius brings a less personal aspect to one’s feelings, making it less “I” focussed and more group focussed. Aquarius moons also allow for uniqueness, as it definitely promotes the expression of emotions that are not the norm. As it is opposite the Sun and all the other personal planets in Leo, its gift will be the decentralisation of the focus on oneself with the incoming creative energies and how that can be balanced within the greater sphere on Earth.

An influence of great healing

Layering all the fire in Leo and the detached air in Aquarius, is Pisces sitting on the Ascendant at the time of the full moon. Not far off you also have Chiron the wounded healer and Neptune, both in Pisces. One would suggest an influence of great healing going on around this time, whichever way you look at it – personal, group, Humanity or Planetary. Having Neptune close would suggest the energies of the Christ will be quite active at this time, bringing in healing energy to heal a wound that holds us in thrall. Perhaps when we meditate or are in prayer, we can try to be open to this energy, as it will be a gift for us to share with others.

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