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The Underlying Synthesis of the Cosmos


The holiday season here in Sydney has passed leaving lingering memories of restful days in the summer heat. For some it seems to have passed all too quickly as our sense of time seems to speed up. This “quickening” of time grows out of our expanding awareness – of the wider world beyond the immediately personal and of effects, through …

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The true Spiritual Sun hidden by a disc of Golden Light

Spiritual Sun hidden by disc of Golden Light

As we progress through life, and memory lengthens with the years, we are able to plot the amazing growth and development of the human mind within our own living experience. We can track through our own lifetime the journey into these modern times where we live in a virtual sea of data and mental stimuli – still accelerating with the …

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Book of the Month – Ponder On This, by Alice A. Bailey

Ponder On This by Alice Bailey

Our book of the month for February 2014 Ponder On This is a compilation of extracts from the 24 books by Alice Bailey – arranged by subject matter in alphabetical order.  This arrangement makes it easy to browse the book, and select a topic of interest. Who should read this book People who are new to the Alice Bailey books. …

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The Discipline of Joy and Achievement

It can be disconcerting to suddenly realise that something has been hidden from our attention yet has been in plain sight all along – if we had only looked! Often there can be present, yet unseen, things of great beauty or which have the power to release us from restrictive and burdensome problems. In many cases the constraints we experience …

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