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Radiant Sun-Heart – Dew-Drops of Prana

Dew-Drops of Prana

When a child is born into the world – into its new home – it is ready, or pre-intentioned, to love and be loved. The natural world is sustained and has continuity through the inherent power of the loving bond which inspires both mother and child. For the child, love is the force which builds the structures of its worldly …

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Unfolding the Petals of the Heart

Unfolding Petals of the Heart

Observing some of the most admired men and women on the world stage, one might easily feel that one is of less consequence and influence – insignificant even. Yet it is often the apparently “ordinary” people who are unfolding the petals of the human heart. Examples abound and are multiplying around the globe: a parent loses a beloved child in …

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Immersion in a Realised State of Being

Creation of Adam

In this festive season when gatherings of family and friends seem to be the order of the day, how often are such meeting points arranged? It is that time, at the end of one year and the start of a new one, when we feel drawn together to share that moment of meeting between memory and anticipation, old and new, …

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