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constellation of Taurus
From the celestial catalog of Johannes Hevelius (1690)

Taurus full moon 2014 – an easing of tension

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment

by Stephen Bayliss

The key note for Taurus is “I see the light and when the eye is opened, all is light

An easing of tension
As we look at this chart, at the high point of the spiritual festival, the full moon in Taurus, we see a slight easing of the dynamic energy of the last few months. The grand cross has now started to break up slightly, with Jupiter moving on. The squares are still there, but there is a definite easing up of the tension that was at a high point at the time of the Aries full moon.

Mars is still retro grading and so has moved away slightly, but will come back again to form another strong t-square with Uranus and Pluto, before it moves on. This could well be highlighting the North Korean situation as they pursue their quest for nuclear weapons (Pluto and Uranus).

This could add some beauty and understanding to our current world issues

Beauty and understanding
The upside here is Venus is currently in Aries, conjuncting Uranus, which could well add some beauty and understanding to our current world issues.

Expect security issues to be highlighted
Expect security issues to be highlighted at this time, and countries to be perhaps reasonably willful in demanding they are met. It is still all in a cardinal element, so we know that this is all for the laying of new ground, with intense energies and dynamic focus, both planetary and personal.

A more even spread
The chart has a more even distribution of planets at this time, suggesting that even though we have much change and dynamic energy, it will be spread out more evenly throughout most avenues of expression for humanity. The chart suggests that the change will be more at internal levels,  though this of course will eventually find outer expression.

Saturn in Scorpio

Restriction and responsibility in our emotional relationships with others

Saturn is currently in Scorpio and, at the time of the full moon, is conjunct the moon in the 7th house. This suggests a restriction and a responsibility in our emotional relationships with others. Perhaps this means we need to take care and be responsible for our emotional expression, especially given the recent focus on will and dynamic expression of that will. This is opposite the sun though, so we might see it as a challenge, especially as the key note for Taurus is “I see the light and when the eye is opened, all is light”. You would think that with that sort of keynote, plus dynamic energy abundant in cardinal signs, we might be forthright in our interpretations of truth, to the way we see it. Saturn retro grading and conjunct the moon suggests that we must really take responsibility for our emotional expression in all our relationships, as hard as that may be.

Healing, wisdom and healing of old wounds
This will be helped immensely with a grand trine involving Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. We still have lovely supporting positive energies aiding healing, wisdom and healing of old wounds backing us up. What more can we ask really? Jupiter allows us to see the wisdom in the situation, Neptune aids with the healing and Chiron offers us other chance to work on some of the wounds and old scars that hold,humanity back from seeing the light and illumination present.

A reservoir of light for all humanity
The sun is in the 1st house in this chart and is of course in Taurus. The ascendant just so happens to be Taurus as well, ruling over this chart. The opportunity is really there to use the energies at the moment to bring light and illumination to each and every one of us in a personal way. By doing this we will be creating a reservoir of light for all of humanity, opening the eye of vision to the higher energies permeating through at the moment.

This is very much backed up by the esoteric ruler of Taurus, Vulcan, also known as the Blacksmith of the Gods, Vulcan forges new tools for the expression of consciousness. Vulcan is known for his willful expression and in this case, sits in the first house of personal expression, or in the higher form, soul expression. The opportunity is there.

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