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The Arcane School Conference 2018: Video Archive

Conference theme:

“Let the rules be learned whereby the Army of the Voice works within the veils of maya.  Then let that voice be no more heard and let the group onward move within the Sound.”

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The Video Archive for the London conference (26-27th May) is available at:

The Video Archive for the New York conference (28-29th April) is available at:

We invite our readers to explore the inspiring and uplifting presentations through these links.

All the sessions are wonderful to experience as they explore the subtle nature and power of Sound – including some beautiful musical interludes.

From the London Conference the opening presentation by Annette Morgan set the context. It is titled, “The Energy of Language: The Esoteric Meaning of Words, Grammar and Syntax”. This is the program summary:

The creation came into being with the primordial Word AUM. All sounds – the vowels and consonants – arise out of this first word and are perfectly laid out in the Sanskrit alphabet. Most languages use sounds as ordinary words for the purpose of communication. Particular words, however, like mantras, are not created by men and carry greater force and have extensive meanings. They arise from another level in creation which can only be accessed by Self-realisation. Annette Morgan has been a teacher of Sanskrit for over 30 years.”

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