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the consciousness of the atom by alice bailey

The Consciousness of the Atom

The Consciousness of the Atom, by Alice A. Bailey

Seven lectures given by Alice Bailey are brought together arranged as seven chapters. Through these lectures the theme of the scientific relation of matter and consciousness is discussed as evolution progressively affects the atomic substance of all forms. The “atom” emerges as a miniature but complete replica of the energy structure common to all forms of life – cosmic, planetary, human and subhuman.

Who should read this book

  1. People with a scientific bent who are new to the writings of Alice Bailey. The purpose of the lectures was to present “the testimony of science” to the relationship of matter and consciousness.
  2. Those who are keen to explore the relation between the scientific and the philosophical, or religious.

Why it is suitable for those with a scientific interest
There has been much progress in atomic science and in man’s knowledge of the structure of the universe, the constitution of man, and the relation between the two. This book provides an intelligible but complete replica of the energy structure common to all forms of life – cosmic, planetary, human and subhuman. Groupings and relationships are shown as they exist on a small and on a vast scale within the evolutionary process, and the effects of energy interplay on the whole structure of consciousness.

How readable is it?
The arrangement as a series of lectures each of which briefly reviews the matters covered in the preceding addresses makes the subject matter easier to take in and to follow through the presented themes.

Why is it worth reading?
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Where can you buy it?
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Seven lectures given by Alice Bailey are brought together in this book under the headings:

  1. The Field of Evolution.
  2. The Evolution of Substance.
  3. The Evolution of Form, or Group Evolution.
  4. The Evolution of Man, the Thinker.
  5. The Evolution of Consciousness.
  6. The Goal of Evolution.
  7. Cosmic Evolution.

Pages 5-6


The lectures here presented were delivered in New York during the past winter. The purpose of this series was to present to their auditors the testimony of science as to the relation of matter and of consciousness; to enable the hearers to observe the identical manifestation of these relations and of certain basic laws in successively higher states of being, and thus to bring to them a realisation of the universality of the evolutionary process and its actuality; and to deal somewhat with the nature of the expanded states of consciousness and the enlarged life toward which all mankind is travelling. They thus were intended to serve as an introduction to the more detailed study and application of the laws of life and human unfoldment generally included in the term of “occultism.”

It will be observed that there is in this series a considerable amount of repetition, as each lecture briefly reviews the matters covered in the preceding addresses. As newcomers were present at each lecture in the series, it was found necessary on each occasion to present a bird’s-eye view of the ground covered and the reasons for the position then taken. A further advantage was found in the fixing in the minds of the hearers of certain of these basic concepts which were new to many of them, and which helped them to grasp and to receive readily the further expansion of the theme. In presenting the lectures in book form it has been deemed advisable to retain the complete text of the lectures as given. Those who are already students of the esoteric wisdom will be able to follow the line of the argument of the lectures without difficulty. For those, however, who for the first time approach the consideration of the matters here discussed, the occasional repetition of the fundamental points may help to a ready apprehension, and it is for this class of readers that the book is primarily intended.

Alice A Bailey
September, 1922

The 24 books of Alice A. Bailey were written between 1919-1949. While most of her books were written in cooperation with a Tibetan teacher, this book is one of the four which were written by Alice Bailey alone.

Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949)

From her conservative British background, Alice Bailey’s life led her in many directions, but always in one direction-towards the time when through drastic personal experience of many kinds she had acquired a synthesis of outlook and understanding, and an absolute conviction that one divine life pervades and animates the one humanity; that the Plan for humanity requires the cooperation and service of trained and dedicated human beings intelligently informed about world affairs, in collaboration with those who form the spiritual Hierarchy, the inner government of the planet. Her life work became an integral part of this synthesis and this realization. Without in the least losing any of her very human qualities and involvement, her soul took up its commitment to her Master, and her personality provided full cooperation in the field of her accepted service.

Basically her work developed as a duality – her discipleship service which included the establishment of an esoteric school; and her initially reluctant agreement to work with the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, in the writing of a series of books presenting the next phase in the continuity of the Ageless Wisdom teaching for the present and the immediate future.

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