Thursday , 9 February 2023
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The Electric Bridge: Episode 4 – The Cosmic Bloodstream

37-minute video from Monadic Media on “Electricity, Plasma and the Divine Circulatory Flow”.

This fascinating episode of the Electric Bridge series from Monadic Media, explores the electro-magnetic constitution of the human being, its relationship to the electro-magnetic universe, and its astonishing potential to participate in the redemption of matter through group meditation. There is a superb animated illustration which explains how group meditation energy functions at the 32.10 minute mark.

4:04 … the blood of all living organisms begins its cycle as a precipitation from a universal circulating flow of electric waves …

32:09 … through certain types of meditation and the creation of thought forms of light, love and power, [the meditator’s] own physical blood is electrically energized within this greater logoic bloodstream, and this process of redemption – individual and planetary – is accelerated.

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