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The Energy of Freedom Emanating from Sirius



In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul says that when the new world religion[1] is founded and is working, we shall find that the festival held at the time of the Leo full moon, will be dedicated to the task of making contact, via the Hierarchy, with Sirian force.[2]

Sirius is seriously significant to our little blue planet, indeed it is the stupendous Source of our entire planetary life.[3]

The Great White Lodge or Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth is based on the spiritual prototype of the Great White Lodge on Sirius.[4] Its entire work is controlled from Sirius: the Ashrams are subjected to its cyclical flow[5], it is the source of the processes of initiation and all the great world religions and philosophies.

Let’s really breathe that in – the star Sirius is the source of all the great world religions and philosophies. Perhaps the philosophical/religious/spiritual conflicts that have and do prevail are the result of our collective failure to appreciate the identical essence at heart of these diverse expressions of this One Breath?  But… what if we were to expand our awareness and imagine – as we rhythmically inhale – the completeness of awareness that is the Life manifesting through Sirius which is the Source – the Oneness at the heart of all the great world religions and philosophies? Is it not liberating to envision even for a moment something of this perspective?

This Great Life manifesting through Sirius is brilliantly sensitive[6]. In fact, Sirius is called the “Brilliant Star of Sensitivity” and, the unique and mysterious law of Freedom, governs the Life and the Lives upon Sirius[7].  So a question for us to ponder is: what is the relationship between the freedom that we know in the Manifest World on this beautiful blue planet and the freedom that is known and experienced on the star Sirius?

According to the Ancient Wisdom teachings, all ideas and concepts which influence and control human life and have given rise to civilisation – have started as emanations from certain great Lives Who are Themselves an expression of a divine Idea which radiates out and is formulated into an ideal by those who sense it in their hearts and minds. Thus divine purposes become controlling factors in human progress. Thus, the basic urge to liberation and to freedom has slowly and consistently permeated into and dominated human endeavour, igniting the struggle for individual freedom and liberation and gradually moulding human thought to such an extent that the greater ideal takes shape.[8]  The freedom of humanity and the liberation of its power to be self-determining (which is an aspect of freedom) has become the dearest ideal and the best thought of the thinkers in all nations.

The (en)lightening of humanity’s understanding of freedom is an enlivening two-way process: that is, every move of an enlightened consciousness towards humanity produces a corresponding shift or move on the part of humanity; and yet no such move can be made unless humanity is ready to raise its ideal of freedom to a higher level of expression.

It is in the crises that humanity faces that the seeds of revelation of a higher freedom are contained and discovered; along with humanity’s unfolding capacity to express this higher freedom to the best of its ability. One such flash point on the planet that continues to reverberate in human awareness constellated as the French Revolution back in the late 18th century – when three concepts of freedom were brought together into a tripartite relationship in the form of the phrase: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”.

Graphic Design: Wendy J Thompson; Images: Sirius on Pixabay/ Earth by Nasa on Unsplash


These individual concepts of freedom had been recognised particularly during the Enlightenment however, it was not until the French Revolution that they were brought together as a tripartite motto[9].

Humanity has yet to embody the reality and deep significance of these aspects of freedom as understood by the Lords of Liberation. These fiery words have frequently been interpreted within the confines of the Manifest World alone so that, for instance, “liberty” has been reduced to signify personality freedom or licence to do what the lower nature chooses.  But, if we re-interpret these energies within the three worlds – the Fiery or  World of the Spirit; the Subtle or World of the Soul; as well as the Manifest or world of the Personality – our definitions will necessarily expand so we will have a sense of these energies as conceived by the Lords of Liberation:

Liberty … “is in reality the recognition of right human relations, freely adjusted, willingly undertaken and motivated by a sense of responsibility which will act as a protective wall”.[10]

This will take place “through correct interpretation and quick appreciation by the masses to choose liberty of soul and conscience”.  This liberty is an aspect of divine will. [11] The Tibetan tells us that the true understanding of equality will be revealed by the Coming One which implies that there is much more to be revealed about this divine quality.

Equality… is “based on a right sense of proportion, correct Self-respect, and understanding of the spiritual, yet natural, laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect, and which will be founded in future centuries on the recognition of the age of a soul’s experience and gained development, and not at all on the loud emphatic affirmation that “all men are equal.”[12]

Fraternity is something that humanity itself will contribute as an expression of the third aspect of divinity.

Fraternity … is based on right contact and right reaction to contact.

Thus there will be developed gradually the true life-theme of humanity, which is brotherhood, founded on divine origin (equality) and leading to a free and true expression of divinity (liberty).[13]

Our embodiment of these energies of freedom requires a shift in identification to our greater identity of living simultaneously in all worlds – Fiery, Subtle and Manifest – within the One Life.


A way to do that is through the process of preparatory sensitivity where we develop the capacity to apprehend the revelation that is everywhere present by stretching our capacity to see that whatever it is we are approaching always has a higher counterpart. And as we develop our capacity to imagine and to visualise what may lie ahead – not in detail but a realisation of its magnitude, its substance – we develop this sensitivity to see ever greater wholes.[14]

Graphic Design: Wendy J Thompson; Images: Pixabay / Unsplash


The Tibetan Master tells us that the Life manifesting through Sirius is an expression which is organised and vital beyond anything we can vision and which is free to a completely unlimited extent, almost (emphasis added) beyond our capacity to comprehend.[15]  “Almost” – there’s the crack – as Leonard Cohen might say, that lets the light in! The development of preparatory sensitivity offers a way through to sense greater dimensions of Sirian freedom with its “leavening energy” – its capacity to “penetrate substance in a unique manner” – in such a way to facilitate the “pulling away” from form[16] – to unshackle us from conditioning forces which bind us to outmoded ideas and thought forms. This Sirian “leavening energy” releases us into a vaster experience of Life and we are particularly susceptible to it while the sun is in Leo. And, as we sensitise and surrender to it, we will experience the pulling away from form and the “loosening” of our attachments to conditioning forces that have confined or enslaved consciousness.  We thus become more available to apprehend new and hitherto unknown dimensions of freedom.

We have the opportunity while the sun moves through Leo to attune and refine our preparatory sensitivity to newer dimensions of freedom impulsed from the Life manifesting through Sirius as we look up at the stars and out into the Universe and locate Sirius in space. And, closer to home, we can find Sirius in the micro-Universe in us. Sirius permeates every part of us – residing as it does at the heart of every atom within us. Sirius is simultaneously both a star in the Universe – some 40 times brighter than our sun – and, the heart-star of every atom.

Our contact with it, as the sun is in Leo, assists in humanity’s recalibration to our true identity within the three worlds – to strike a new balance of equilibrium where we know that we are in the world and yet not of the world.  The Life on Sirius has a long and intimate relationship with our Planetary Logos and we, as mere temporary travellers who cycle in and out of incarnation have the opportunity to participate in the unfolding liberation of Humanity and all kingdoms of nature as we strive to fulfill our destiny to make this planet sacred.


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  1. “Making this Planet Sacred” is such an
    evocative phrase.As above,so below …
    I feel in my prayers and meditations that
    we may well become one World when
    we still down here,raise our consciousness
    to Angelic status and there’s no going
    back to the dormant energies that no longer
    inspire truth and authenticity in an otherwise
    pristine Spirirual environment 🙏🦋❤️
    Thankyou and Blessings for all your generosity x

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