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The Heart – the Temple of Humanity

5 Key Thoughts about the HEART
in the New Era

1. The primacy of the heart

In the New Era, the key focus is on the Heart.

At even the physical level, the Agni Yoga teachings consider the heart not merely as an organ within the body – but rather its primacy within the vessel of embodiment, where every part of the body is recognised as an “estate of the heart” because nothing can live without the Heart.

2. The heart is a transnational organ on loan to us for the purpose of communion

The feeling that dwells in the heart, the primary organ, is never one of egotism but rather a feeling that embraces all Humanity.

It is said that the heart is truly a transnational organ and how necessary it is that one learns to feel the heart not as one’s own, but as something that belongs to the entire world.

Further, we are advised not to regard the heart as personal property:

…it is preferable to convince oneself that the heart is not entirely one’s own organ but has been granted one for attainment of the highest communion. Perhaps if people began to think of the heart as something on loan from Above they would handle it with greater care.

3. Not just transnational but rather as an organ for communion within the Cosmos

Though it may be difficult to embrace both individuality and universal containment, the truth lies in the reality of connection between the magnet of the heart and the Chalice of accumulations.

First of all, we recognize our own heart communion with the fiery essence. Knowing that the Fiery World is primarily within us and its presence is everywhere, a current must be established through the heart.

Thus, the fire of the chalice of our individual hearts connects us with the fire of Space.

4. The spiral logic of the Heart – Thinking in the Heart

The Agni Yoga teachings speak of two kinds of logic:

  • the logic of external reasoning, which one attempts to learn from textbooks, and
  • that of mental synthesis by which one collects and links the sparks of spatial thought.

From the point of view of external reasoning, apparent lapses in the processes of mental synthesis can always be found. As rings of the spiral show to the observer the outer turns and conceal the inner turns, so mental logic proceeds according to the limits of the outer turns while the inner turns are still merged in the streams of collective thought in space.

The spiral logic of the heart takes care in the broadening of the consciousness so that union with spatial thought may be approached.

Fire is the regulator of the pulse of the Cosmos and the Fire of Space determines the rhythm, the pulse. Inner rhythms vary with each individual, and the current condition of one’s organism determines the results.

We are encouraged to accept the transmissions from space into the open Chalice as this is the guarantee of synthesis.

5. The Heart stands as the Temple of Humanity

In the New Era, the Heart stands as the Temple of Humanity.

Humanity, in its exquisite diversity, has constellated around a variety of “bricks and mortar” structures of churches, shrines, stupas, synagogues, mosques and cathedrals within the Manifest World. However, as we realise that the Heart stands as the Temple of Humanity, we recognise that the Temple of the Heart is everywhere present in our immediate circles of family, neighbours and friends widening to encompass strangers – indeed, to embrace the 8 billion hearts plus (and rising every second) beating now across the surface of the planet.

Imagine in this moment 8 billion plus hearts beating around the globe as the Temple of Humanity.

The Temple of Humanity resides in every interaction with another beating heart – both near and far.

We can choose daily, hourly, moment by moment to participate in the construction of the  Temple of the Heart through realising the opportunity to commune through the Heart.

Let us consciously build this Temple of Humanity through the fire of the Heart imbuing our thoughts, words and deeds.


  • Title Image: Honey Kochchaphon kaensen from Pixabay/Graphic Design: Wendy J Thompson
  • Spiral Image: Peter H from Pixabay/Graphic Design: Wendy J Thompson
  • Inspirations:
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Wendy J Thompson is a Creative Practitioner in the Screen Arts, Educator, Playwright and co-Founder of the Global Silent Minute who strives to create work imbued with purpose to touch the heart with radiant synthetic beauty.

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