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The Journey Continues – Chapter 11

The Journey Continues is a sequel to Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story and continues the account of the group’s journey through more than thirty years’ work.   We continue to post a chapter each month.  Here is this month’s chapter. Please Note: Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill. 

CHAPTER ELEVEN – Once upon a Time

In a transitional moment in time such as we now experience, as we leave behind the evening of the sign Pisces with its peculiar energies and enter the morning of Aquarius we are confronted by a confusion of energies and ideas, both old and new. Those people who work within the Piscean energies may firmly believe they are implementing the Aquarian thinking for the time but if we observe the operation we will note that these workers are often engaged in protecting or promoting a point of view which, although it has had its day of usefulness, is what they have always embraced and they cannot comfortably accept change nor recognise the new necessity.

The exponents of the new day in Aquarius see (to varying degrees of clarity) the changes that are needed and why. But they face a different challenge than the former group of workers. They are not in the position of any necessity to protect a system because obviously it has not yet been established. We see them working, therefore, in an entirely different way and with different energies. Herein lies the challenge of a transitional time.

The following stories address some of the difficulties encountered by group workers as the rather different energies appear to come into conflict when workers come together to cooperate in some form of service. We observe the polarised positions of thinking and of expression as they are placed side by side. It is only as all are able to work from the point of inner oneness that such difficulties may be resolved.

* * * * *

The Sacred Space

Once upon a time in a very beautiful land two companions stood upon the side of a high hill looking out upon the beauties of the natural world. One said, “This is a sacred space and we must protect it for our Lord.” The Other replied, “We are sacred people and we thus imbue this space.” The One said, “We must be silent and not allow disruption of the quiet countryside.” The Other replied, “If we know silence within there will be silence without.” Then the wind sprang up and played through the trees and rustled their leaves. And the One said, “Hush.” And the Other said, “The wind sings the song of our Lord.” A flock of crows flew over calling, “caw caw, caw caw.” The One said, “Hush you birds. You make such a disturbance in this sacred space.” And the crows replied, “Caw caw, caw caw.”

Then a group of children came tumbling down the hill, all shouting and laughing with delight, their dog leaping in their midst with joyous barks. The One said, “Children be quiet, be still. It is not seemly to act so rowdily in this sacred space.” The Other said, “The children sound the note of innocence of the natural world. They belong to this realm.” A troubadour followed after the children playing his stringed instrument in accompaniment with their joy. And they danced along with him. The One said, “Silence, silence!” And the Other sang a joyful verse.

They became aware of a Presence standing with them and He spoke of the Coming Time that already was upon them and the understanding of Oneness that was flowering, freeing his people from the restrictions that had sprung up in the past and that had denied the true, free expression of spirit – their natural birthright that flows without the rules and regulations made by human thoughts. The wind carried his words across the countryside and onward to circle the globe, gathering in volume and awakening the minds of all who heard. The people were drawn to the Voice of the Teacher and they sat in great numbers upon the hillside and once again listened to the words of their Master. And they said, “This is indeed a sacred space and it dwells within us. We must go forth and tell the whole world.” The children replied, “Do you not remember? He told us this before – a long time ago. But now we must know how to live it.”

So the children led the way and they all moved down the hillside and out into the township and to the cities and into the whole world. The people awakened from the deep sleep of enchantment, from the spell woven by the world of forms. And the sacred space was to be found everywhere and in everyone across the whole world. How could it ever be otherwise?

And they all lived ever after…

* * * * *

The One and the Other

Down in the township two teachers met to consider the needs of the children in their charge. They were wise and they understood that the children needed guidance on their pathway through life, alongside the basic training of their minds that would fit them for the world of everyday.

The One said, “We must give them a set of rules within which to steer their course. This way is tried and true through many generations.”

The Other said, “Our generation is responsible for apprehending and holding the new vision for our world so that we may guide the youth according to the principles involved.”

The One said, “In all temptations and problems of today’s world the youth need the security of a set of rules.”

The Other replied, “Today’s young people cannot be confined within prescribed forms. They do not respond to the past ways; their eyes are focused upon the future. They are the future.”

The One said, “They do not yet have life experience. We must teach them the precepts to guide their steps.”

The Other responded, “We must teach the young people life principles and reveal them through our own life expression.”

A small group of young people entered the room, asking if they may speak with the teachers. They told the story of certain needs they had become aware of in their community and within their peer group and asked what could be done to assist.

The One said, “We will attend to this need.”

The Other said, “Learn to assist by assisting. You know what is needed. Let that sacred space within you reach and touch the sacred space within those you would help.”

The young people went out and gathered their peer group together to talk about the needs and the challenges they all faced. The small group spoke to their friends and companions about the advice of their teachers and the instruction that they should find their way by showing others.

Said one young person, “But how do we help when we don’t know how to help ourselves?”

Another added, “Sometimes I know what’s needed but it is so hard to find the words to express what I want to say – yet inwardly I know. Does that make sense?”

“Yes,” replied one of the small group. “But if you know what’s there to be said you need to ‘touch’ the other person to draw it forth. That’s what our teacher told us – to let that inner place in us touch that place in others.”

“What do you mean?” asked the boy.

“Well, we have learned about the magnetic forces – we have learned about the Law of Attraction…”


“If you allow that within you to touch that within another, the energies combining will set in motion – and set free – that thought within you that will flow outward in words to the other person you would help.”


“We are all spiritual beings, we are souls, and live in a world of Oneness. We are each and all inwardly in touch with one another. When our thought is off ourselves and what we want – or what we can’t do – it is no longer dammed up in the small box of the personal self. It no longer exists in a separated state but flows freely between beings.”

The small group had responded to the recognition of a need and had taken the responsibility to act. As they spoke with their companions they found that they were in fact demonstrating the principle in action that they had been seeking to explain. The whole group continued to confer – they penetrated deeply into the realisation of Oneness and found that together they were becoming aware of a way of work.

The young people went out and discovered that obvious but hidden truth: they knew because they worked and not because they took training to serve. They realised they were working with the living energies moving throughout the whole. They were focused outward in service from the sacred centre of their being and were not merely focused upon themselves. And they knew that Oneness is the only reality.

* * * * *

The Children’s Round Table

The following story is based on a dream of a group member.

Within a great castle in the New World the children were gathered in their numbers to demonstrate to their Elders just how they all worked together around the New Round Table. As the Knights of Old, they were governed by a unity of purpose and Truth was their watchword.

Each child knew that they all had their inner teacher, the true Self within, but they were also aware of the Enlightened Ones who advised and instructed them once they had recognised their own inner teacher and had begun to live their lives in response.

On this day one of the children, whose name was John, was to play his role as leader of the group. The Teacher spoke with the children and finally asked, “Are you ready, John?”

“Yes,” said John.

“Are you all ready, children?” He asked.

“Yes,” they all chorused.

The children filed into the large, central hall where the Elders were assembled and took their places at the Round Table, each placing a magical medallion on the table in front of them. The magical medallions represented each one’s own unique gift to the group and would not allow the expression of anything other than Truth. They emitted a discordant sound if perchance anything less than truth was spoken or thought.

John drew out a scroll and began to speak together with the other children about various issues and all added their thought in the ensuing discussion. At intervals they took a vote and each time the children responded with a vibrant ‘yes’, together and as one pounding their fists on the table. The sound broke the remnants of the old order to smithereens.

The intuition was already alive in these children and their minds clear, uncluttered and intelligent. They knew the mind to be an instrument, a servant of their group purpose; it did not govern. So united were they that they had come to understand and to operate as a ‘group leader’ and were therefore of great usefulness within the field of the work, inspiring other groups by their very livingness. Whatever the need or focus of the work at any time, one member would move forward as leader according to their quality of special gift but at no time was any one of them aware of expressing other than as the unity which they were as they moved as one out into the world of service and creative expression.

An Elder asked, “Children, what is the source of your unity?”

One replied, “Life itself is the Source of our unity. We are drawn together in response to the divine Plan for our time and together are charged to bring it forth into the light of day. Unity cannot be imposed nor can it be confirmed to an outwardly chosen goal. It emerges from the reality known within. Then, and only then, does it flower forth in beauty and in expression for the common good. Unity walks hand in hand with love. The people crave unity but it cannot be enforced any more than can peace.”

A second Elder questioned, “Children have you observed how our records of history show our race making the same errors over and over again? What is the cause of this?”

Another replied, “Throughout time we have learned much but we have failed to learn one basic lesson – that we are spiritual beings. We have approached life and one another as separated personal beings, failing to understand that these forms were being perfected in order to express the spiritual world and our spiritual natures through the world of forms – to bring the spirit into expression through the world of matter. We learn from the past – we build for the future.”

Said a third Elder, “Children, speak to us of change.”

A third child replied, “Change is unavoidable, inevitable, in the onward movement of evolution. If we work within the spiritual principles we serve with wisdom to implement the change necessary for the progress of our world. People fear change because it appears to threaten the familiar to which they cling in their everyday lives. This again results from a belief in a world governed by separation. It is only that which has served its purpose, that which now begins to crystallise, that is swept aside for the life-giving principle to bring forth the new thought and expression to guide our world on the next stage of its onward journey. In such selfless action true freedom is born.”

Once again an Elder questioned, “Children, are you sure you are right? How do you assess what is needed and your action in response?”

Another child stood to reply, “By the use of our divine subtle sense that observes the One Whole. This view encompasses time and place and enables us to position the elements needed within suitable forms and with right timing.”

Yet another Elder asked, “How do the new forms differ from those developed for the Age which now withdraws?”

A child’s reply was prompt, “In the time fast passing the forms themselves received much focused attention. The soul of all things was not so clearly recognised. The spirit seemed far removed and was not understood as our true being. It therefore attracted fear or devotion and other aspects related to the sense of remoteness. Seekers endeavoured to reach a divinity seen as outside oneself. As this New Age has been dawning it has opened the doors to the realisation of our true identity with the spiritual world and we have begun to create forms of expression in our outer world that reflect the spirit. We are not now so much reaching inwards as in the past but are recognising our responsibility as representatives of Soul to work from within outwards, to anchor the new ideas and concepts and to build anew. The energies of this time inspire and assist such building.”

Commented an Elder, “And yet we see so many, many forms of the old order functioning in all fields of human endeavor.”

A child responded, “Change that is sound is not so rapid. But it is being recognised that forms were made to serve and not to be served. Comparisons reveal the obvious in the working of groups. For instance, where there is a dependence or insistence upon forms of procedure to the detriment of the free movement of the work or the workers, curtailing expansion, outreach and speed, and tying the hands of the new workers then it is not long before the honest server will observe what is happening – and what is not – and move into the true understanding of group expression. Unless this is understood a group cannot survive. A searching check into individual motivation is revealing when such group challenges arise.”

An Elder asked a final question, “How do you propose to reveal the demands of the New Day?”

John spoke for them all, “By revealing the unity we know and experience, through our words, through our lives and the living expression of our group>”

The questions had come to an end and John moved to close the Round Table meeting. All present sounded a great Invocation. The children filed out as they had come.

The Elders gathered in a close circle of review and voiced their consensus: “The children are ready. The future is assured.” As one, the Elders withdrew behind the scenes and left the new generation to serve the New World in its New Day.

* * * * *

The Wise One

In the depths of the forest there lived a very wise old man. No one in the towns had ever seen him but they heard tell that there were those in their grandparents’ day who at times had caught a glimpse of him through the trees deep, deep in the forest. But still no one knew of anyone living or departed this world who had reported meeting him face to face or speaking with him.

It was said that the Wise One came out among the people when the world passed through the changes of a New Day. And still no one had heard stories of his appearing that could in any way be proven.

There were those who had dreamed of him and he had shown them wondrous things in their sleep. They had wakened to the dawn with a new awareness, and touched by some divine impulse, went forth to work selflessly for the good of their fellows.

And there were those who had ventured deep into the forest never again to return to their community. No search ever found any trace of them. In every generation there were always a small number who disappeared in this way.

At a time when their world was greatly challenged by the forces of darkness a group of the Selfless Ones set out into the forest to search for the Wise One to ask his help, to bring his wisdom to enlighten the people of the towns and to teach them the true meaning of love and compassion.

The townsfolk were a law-abiding people who governed and maintained order by living according to the rules laid down in their society. Departure from the rules was not tolerated and the town Elders had great difficulty to contain the Selfless Ones within such confinement. The Selfless Ones showed more concern for human need than for observation of the rules on how they should do things.

The town Elders were not sorry to see the Selfless Ones depart on their journey into the forest, hoping they would not see them again.

It was not many hours before the Selfless Ones stopped to rest in a space within the forest where the sunlight filtered down through the canopy and sparkled upon the surface of a magical pond. A gentle breeze ruffled the surface of the water and white mist arose and swirled around and about the Selfless Ones.

A strange and mysterious malaise came over them all and the world began to change around them. Then the breeze sprang up anew and the mist drifted away; the scene became clear once more and before them stood the Wise One together with the many pilgrims who had joined him through the past times.

The Selfless Ones dropped to their knees but the Wise One said, “Stand up, my friends, we have work to do. In a little while we will all go forth into the world to bring the Light to the New Day.”

Said one of the Selfless Ones, “How is it so few can find you, oh Wise One? Who may find you?”
The Wise One replied, “Only the pure in heart.”

* * * * *

The Gift of the Ages

As a certain point in time and space the two brothers, Pisces and Aquarius, met together to confer regarding the charge given them by the Great Lord to imbue the human kingdom with their energies and enable the people to grow in understanding and wisdom in due course of time.

They spoke together of the gifts that Pisces had bestowed upon this world throughout a long Age and how the humanity had responded and grown and had been infused with the very living energies of Pisces himself. They now portrayed many more characteristics and qualities than they had before the coming of Pisces.

But now Pisces was yielding the Day to his brother, Aquarius, to conduct humanity into yet another day in which humanity would absorb and express anew, retraining all past gain, leaving behind all but the true essence of the passing time and progressing under the energies of Aquarius.

Pisces spoke, “I have watched this humanity grow as I have imbued them with my energies and stirred them to a sensitive response. They are far more attentive to the inner voice than had been possible in the past. They have learned the lesson of self-denial blossoming forth in the understanding of sacrifice, the ability to redeem and to make things holy. They can easily identify with the needs of others but at times they may identify to the degree of losing the sense of self in those they seek to aid. As I hand over to you my brother, Aquarius, I know you will lead my charges upon the next stage of their Way.”

Aquarius answered his brother, “My energies will teach this race a loving, more impersonal service to their fellows. I pour myself out as the Water of Life to a world athirst for a new vision to inspire a New Day, a new ay of salvation.”

Said Pisces, “Salvation during my Day has been hard won. Its mark has been the Cross and all who responded to my energies sought freedom from the prison of the material world. Perceiving their spiritual selves but closed in by the world of matter, they have indeed drunk of the cup of sorrow as they have fought towards freedom, reaching upwards towards the heavens. But I can see, my brother, your energies will reveal the truth that the spirit is invincible, the outer world is what anyone may make it. The people will find strength in this knowledge and know the joy of life.”

Aquarius responded, “Without your energies first to imbue, to inspire and to lay the foundation it would not be possible for me to take humanity on a step further in their evolutionary journey. They themselves have arrived at a point at which they can recognise this unfolding process. When this is truly understood the new freedom is gained. That which has served its purpose, has completed it usefulness, is allowed to decline in favour of that which will lead on to greater realisation and expression of greater things. While the true essence of all that has been learned remains in the living character of the people, never to be lost. It is what they presently are, reflections of your energies, my brother, Pisces.”

Pisces spoke again, “The true race in Pisces is compassionate, patient and responds inclusively to the needs of others. We may observe the many great servers who have worked tirelessly throughout the centuries to better the lives of their fellow beings. They have indeed set forth to save. And they are already moving with the flow into the new possibilities.”

Aquarius replied, “The race in Aquarius will build upon these attributes. They will also display humanitarianism and inclusiveness. Their life demonstration will expand into the expression of universality as they are challenged to recognise the Oneness of all, inclusive of every nation, creed and colour and to value the contribution of every part within the diverse tapestry of human life in expression. And most importantly they will develop the true group server as they band together in their groups, drawn by the particular work that they have come to do and by those who are theirs to work with. They will understand the spirit of sharing in all things. They will be forward looking and innovative as they work with the new energies in service for the benefit of all.”

Said Pisces, “You will note that during the Age wherein I have breathed forth my energies humanity has given birth to the great creative poets, composers and painters. The arts have flourished and the imagination as burst forth within the race preparing the way for the growth of the intuition within the field of your energies, my brother Aquarius.”

Added Aquarius, “And the intuition will open the door to vaster dimensions of experience and of living, and human consciousness will express a new creativity and understand love in its higher sense. The future is upon our doorstep and all must step through.”

Observed Pisces, “We are both aware that humanity can so easily interpret and express our energies in a negative way. That happens when anyone feels separate from others and has forgotten the unity and interdependence within which all live and have their being. However, it is in the nature of growth in consciousness on this planet Earth that its humanity must have the opportunity of choice, of experiment and of experience. This is part of the divine Plan.”

Aquarius spoke to the future. “Such is the increasing clarity of vision of the people of this time that they are intensely aware of the results of past choices that have brought them to this point. They see their world as it now appears and they know that they are its creators. They face many challenges and opportunities and many situations that must be resolved and turned to good account. There is also much of goodness, of beauty and of truth that they have brought into their world. They have grown in spirit. With their response to my Aquarian energies and their group-conscious spirit they will build anew according to the Plan of the Great Lord and so will usher in the New Day.”

Pisces took leave of his brother Aquarius and withdrew slowly into his place while Aquarius waxed in strength, joyfully pouring out the Water of Life upon the Earth and upon her peoples.

* * * * *

Remember: the One ever contains all others.

This book presents a new perspective on world service, developed through the group’s experiment, recognising the subjective reality behind the outer world of living. The group recognises the value of ‘living life from the inside out’ with the understanding of the oneness of life and the transformative perspective that this realisation brings. Just as the personality is intended to reflect the soul, its higher counterpart, the group in the world is the outer expression of the living reality of the inner group. Here is a contribution to the world work as the world responds to the new incoming energies of Aquarius. Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill

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