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The Journey Continues – Chapter 14

The Journey Continues is a sequel to Journey of a Lifetime: A Group Story and continues the account of the group’s journey through more than thirty years’ work.   We continue to post a chapter each month.  Here is this month’s chapter. Please Note: Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill. 

CHAPTER FOURTEEN – Unfolding Realisation: The Fifth Phase of the Group

As we headed into the year 2002 the Group took stock of just where it stood. We considered the energies with and within which we were now operating. We observed our movement within the understanding of the Fifth Phase of the Group. We noted that the personality principles were well and truly superseded by those of the soul life and that the fifth phase could be seen to equate with the fifth kingdom of Soul. Working then within the Life aspect was a natural and inevitable movement onward.

Because we were operating within the Soul kingdom where Oneness exists and wherein energy flows freely between all beings, we began to understand more fully the principles that govern that state of Oneness and to observe an automatic flow between individuals and also between groups. If one group encountered certain difficulties or challenges in their work then the other group (or groups) who also understood these principles in operation found ‘a call’ from the group in need, and were aware of the required energies moving to assist and could cooperate in the conscious direction of these energies.

The group in need, or at least those within that group who were conscious of the process, were also able to access energies, at will, from the group reservoir. Clarification of issues and movement through into resolution of situations or advancement of the work was far more rapid and cut through unnecessary stages in a process. Of course, we do not need to point out that the foundations of these possibilities are focused in truth and trust.

We are beginning to recognise the annihilation of time as we observe the speed of response to the energies and the speed of the activity engendered as it works out in the outer world of expression. We are aware also that time cannot separate one group from another irrespective of location on the planet. Our working together is based in the subjective reality. It is understood that speed is assured as we move ahead and waste no time or effort in looking back at that which is left behind. Our energies are entirely focused in the work in hand.

Although at times certain of the group workers concerned meet together on the outer plane of life, the work performed is basically subjective in its nature. However, at this stage it seems useful to confer in outer contact on occasion. Apart from the particular form of service for which each group has taken responsibility, we are all aware of the important nature of the task that underlies and gives impulse to our unified operation and cooperation.

It is as we achieve such conscious awareness of one another and of the forces and energies involved in the work and those impinging upon the planet at this time, that a new possibility in human expression breaks through and can have an effect on human awareness as a whole. The new possibility is anchored in consciousness and upon the planet by the very fact of the group demonstration of its reality and of its actuality.

Just how may we define this ‘possibility’? It is the realisation of the subjective realm that is our true habitat; it is identification with the Soul in all forms, in individuals and in groups. It recognises inter-soul relationship as we approach this work and understands the synthesis that underlies the forms.

We are dealing with the principles that govern the universe from the greatest to the small. As we work we are aware of these principles in operation. We are aware of the principle that governs all manifestation wherein we note a basic duality which, when unified, produces a third thus making a triplicity. We find this teaching, perhaps somewhat obscurely, in the teachings of the religions – such as that of the divine Trinity: Father, Mother and Son.

So we are finding a parallel in the working out of inter-group relationship as two groups have first entered into a close relationship and in terms of energy and awareness have merged in that they are completely aware of one another inwardly. There is no separation between them. The interplay of energies between each group serves to assist, complement and enliven the work of each and of the whole.

A third group, magnetically drawn and with obvious inner relationship with the other two, joins in the energy exchange. The energy of each group merges and synthesises and the three groups work together in unity. Very shortly members of these three groups will come together from around the world and meet together in the one place. It will be the first time that all three groups will be represented at the one time and in the one place. It is certain that further work and understanding will be established.

We can think of the extension of such activity as many groups grow in conscious understanding of the nature of subjective unity. No doubt there are many groups engaged in this movement within the world work however they may define the experience.

Those readers familiar with the meditative work of Triangles will recognise the same principle in operation. As co-workers make triangles of three people and link daily in thought and meditation they facilitate the inflow of the higher energies through the triangles and into human consciousness. The many triangles formed by these workers create a network of triangles in the etheric levels around the planet. The network is subject to continual extension as more co-operators join in this service activity. And so may it be with inter-group connections.

This principle may be seen expressing all the way from cosmic levels and has significance in the evolution of our planet, the solar system to which we belong and beyond. Is it any wonder that it is such a guide and that it breaks into our understanding as we function in group formation, and group with group, in the domain of our subjective reality?

In the deeper recesses of our knowing we are those workers who, consciously recognising the time has come, activate our original intention and come together on the outer plane to anchor the externalisation of new group activity. We all know as individual workers that we incarnated with a group purpose and so it is also of groups externalising at this moment to further the group work in Aquarius. So whether or not we may have recollection of subjective planning, the energies and forces of the moment are guiding these groups into right connection and outer contact to implement the next movement in the work.

As we enter this new time in Aquarius we are becoming aware of a movement in the teachings that will guide the human race upon the next stage of the Way. We are no longer so concerned about the fusion of the soul and the personality into one expressing unity, although that is a preliminary step. Now we see the goal as entrance into the Life aspect, the recognition that the earlier triplicity must resolve into that basic duality of spirit and matter. The Son or consciousness aspect gives way to the Father or the Monad, the Life aspect, and we recognise our relationship with the Father and our inevitable return to Him as we journey homeward.

* * * * *

Immediately following the completion of this chapter a member of one of the overseas groups which form an inter-group triangle of cooperation, reported the following experience:

“I linked up with my two triangle co-workers and visualised our triangle. We three merged and became one point of a triangle with our two inter-group triangle members from two other countries. Our three groups then merged into one point of a triangle with two other group clusters. I did not have a sense of the identity of the other two group points. They simply appeared as white spheres of light, as did our inter-group triangle.

“It appeared three dimensional, triangles within spheres, within triangles within spheres. The sense was that they kept forming larger triangles, which joined with other groups of triangles, not only around the planet but within the universe.

“This occurs to me as a universal principle revealing itself and it is hard to put into words. I drew a representation as best I could but cannot express the dimensionality of it. I didn’t notice until I drew it that it resembled the Banner of Peace symbol, three balls within a sphere. In the meditation it continued to repeat within itself and I was within the structure.”

* * * * *

Upon hearing the above, it was realised that at virtually the same time a Group member on this side of the planet experienced a similar meditation. Initially there was an awareness of the five planetary centres (London, Geneva, New York, Darjeeling, Tokyo) through which inlets it is known that energies enter our planetary life and consciousness. As usual, energies flowed from Darjeeling to our group centre Sydney. This flow was then seen to go back and forth between these two centres. A third point appeared and completed a triangle of energy. It was Tokyo. All seemed very active and activated. And news received later that morning from a co-worker in another country, telling plans to visit and work with other groups in these centres, made it apparent that energies already established subjectively were proceeding to their anchorage in the outer world work.

Within a day or two there was a veritable explosion of contacts, group with group, across the planet, drawing us all closely and consciously together in a specific, united and free expression in service. On the inner plane, triangles of energy had been observed in process of forming, seemingly drawn by an irresistible magnetic force, manifesting through group relationships into the outer plane of expression. There was the impression that the world group was a participant in a forward movement of energies opening ahead of the human race.

At the same time there was the realisation that just as Hierarchy, so also the world group was required to work simultaneously upon the inner and outer planes in recognition of the indivisibility of the planes that enliven and reveal humanity’s life in all its dimensions of living expression. Our lives and our work ever manifest through the inner planes into outer expression and yet it is and has always been but one undivided unfoldment of the one life.

This book presents a new perspective on world service, developed through the group’s experiment, recognising the subjective reality behind the outer world of living. The group recognises the value of ‘living life from the inside out’ with the understanding of the oneness of life and the transformative perspective that this realisation brings. Just as the personality is intended to reflect the soul, its higher counterpart, the group in the world is the outer expression of the living reality of the inner group. Here is a contribution to the world work as the world responds to the new incoming energies of Aquarius. Copies of the book are available from Sydney Goodwill

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